Friday, 8 October 2010

Why WLS?

I have asked myself this often in the run up to the surgery.

My main aim is to alleviate my asthma, and get me off the steroids my body currentlyneeds. The inhalers I use do not do what's needed anymore... so a weaning off period is needed... and the weight loss will enable this to happen.

You get the band, the sleeve and the bypass. The first and third are the most popular, the middle is newer.

The band is least invasive but I don't like the thought of a foreign object in my body, there are many complications often too, I have noticed in my research. Low surgery risk.

The sleeve is a stapling of the tummy and they make your stomach smaller, low to moderate surgery risk.

The bypass is pretty hectic, they bypass your digestive system so you don't absorb any fats etc. BUT you also aren't absorbing all the good nutrients your body needs, like iron etc. so supplements are needed for the rest of your life. Surgery is moderate to high risk.

My asthma and pathetic lungs elevates the surgery risk somewhat and I have decided to go for the sleeve... it's newer and the results thus far seem to be really good.

It's no quick fix this WLS... many think it is... but it isn't. A strict diet needs to be adhered to etc. Small quantities too.

I spoke on the phone today to a lady who had the bypass a year ago (with the same surgeon I am using), she's lost 7 stone (all she had to lose), and is now managing half a tea plate of food at a sitting. Everyone's different, and some people have adverse reactions to some foods now post surgery, and the same food is fine for others. It's a very individual scenario it appears to me.

Op is 14th, back to work 1 Nov. My work is quite physical and I am hoping this will be long enough - there again, some people get back to *normal* quicker than others.

I see this op as a last resort, there is nothing I can personally do besides starve myself to lose weight quick enough to counteract the steroids weight gain. I have put on no weight since April, at all, due to better weather (less steroid use), and me hardly eating at times. So not being able to eat a full plate of food is nothing new for me anyhow.

I have lost 4 kgs pre surgery (liver cleansing diet) thus far, but my chest infection meant steroids.. and a 2 kg weight gain :( In the next 2 weeks I am trying to lose as much as possible on a shakes only diet.

I am better now, after a sickly September, and am feeling good!

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