Saturday, 26 March 2011

A busy weekend!

I was awoken at 5am this morning with a...
''Hey Jen, can we come and see you in 20 minutes?''
In my drug infused haze I thought she was havin' a laugh.

She was for real! Deb had dialled the wrong Jen.
Mad Ozzie chick.
I had to get up then anyway to say bye to Lance who was on his way to work,
so I haven't struck her off the Christmas card list. Yet.

So, back to the drugs...

Last night we were happily going to the movie theatre with pals,
my arm was tucked under Lance's, partly for romance, partly due to me limping a bit,
(I had strained my knee muscle dancing a couple of weeks ago).

Next thing I know, as we are *safely* crossing the road at the traffic light,
some blasted driver decided us pedestrians should all RUN across...!
So we dashed to the pavement and my already weakened leg gave way beneath me,
I heard the cartilage and the shooting pain, fell against Lance. Went to A&E.
X-rays showed nothing broken thankfully, I have twisted cartilage and muscle.


So we cannot go to tomorrow's big (much awaited!) rugby game at Twickenham,
I'm sat at home, sleeping on the couch (can't do stairs), pumped with painkillers,
and I've closed up shop for at least a week.
All that stress and £££ lost due to some prick's friggin' impatience.


How is your weekend thus far?

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Off to Trafalgar!

National Gallery sky light (the only thing I managed to quickly photograph!)

Lance's beer - he loves trying different ones.

My chicken salad... shared with Sarah. We ate at Texas Embassy.

Garden at Embankment.

We had a coffee at this lil cafe.

The Crypt Restaurant at St Martin's in the Field's Church.


Christina, Sarah and moi!
The Paralympic Clock at Trafalgar Square.

St Martin's in the Field's Church.

The boat sculpture in Trafalgar Square.

Love this fountain shot.

Two days after this photo was taken, one of the fountains here sprung a (big!) leak, which flooded the Bakerloo undergound train system. Chaos!

The National Gallery.

Below is my dear lad, Lance :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Catch up post

I haven't been blogging much, just the odd pic, for a little while, so thought I'd do a catch up post.

I had a nasty head cold for about a week last week, sore throat, headache, runny nose etc. Felt ugh. Spent whole day at the second day of my Advanced Paediatric First Aid Course last Saturday with head pounding. Needed my bed but couldn't not go to course as my first aid certificate runs out at the end of the month, and without a current certificate, I cannot trade. I got 100% for my course thankfully. Where first aid is concerned one cannot mess about. 

You'll never guess who the tutor was too? A guy from Harare, Zim originally, he went to Bordeaux Primary and grew up in Randburg. Small world hey!? He is a paramedic who tutors for extra money, as he is an assistant pastor too! He and his wife live in Kent. They've also tried to adopt but told they couldn't because they are obese and them being Christian doesn't help either. Same old story :( 

The UK adoption policies are archaic and ridiculous.

That night Lance and I babysat Santa and Elfi (6 and 8 yrs old). We had a lovely time. Heated up some cottage pie, and did some wii dancing. The next morning though, I could hardly move my knee, I have only gone and pulled a muscle in my knee! Even now, 6 days later, I am limping a lot, it's so sore. 

Silly me hey?

Church pals of ours are having another baby, due in July. They'll then have 4 kids. They are currently applying with AIM to do mission work near Clarens in the Free State. Apparently AIM are very keen, and they are keen too, very keen. I hope they do go. They would leave before/same time as us I guess.

Looking forward to our visit to SA very much. Hoping to come back with a more finite plan of where we will live and what we will do business-wise. We get back to London on the morning of the Royal Wedding.

Tomorrow we are going into Central London to meet up with Christina, a pal from Israel. Down from Newcastle-upon-Tyne again. We will go to Trafalgar Square, National Art Gallery, National portrait Gallery etc. Will be great. Just hoping my knee will be okay to do it, will give it extra deep heat tonight, and take the crutch if need be. Lance isn't working tomorrow (yay!), so he'll be there to help if need be.

The earthquake in Christchurch and Japan have been terrible, haven't they :(  Such devastation! Families lost forever. Been thinking of them loads. And praying for them.

Let me know how're you;re doing fellow bloggers? :)

Over and out.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Lance made pizza yesterday and I could eat a piece :)

Delighted! I thought I'd never be able to eat pizza again.

Cheese, tomato, bacon, garlic, avocado and pineapple... Mmmm

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Baby brain

Is there such a thing? I have never had it so wouldn't know... but is it for real, or is it an excuse for out of the norm things?

You'll never believe what happened last week, I opened the door in the am to a SCREAMING child with his shoe off... mindee's dad says he tripped over mommy's coffee on the floor. I asked what they'd done with the burn (all over his foot) and he said nothing much, a little cool water on it, but there were no blisters and they were sure he'd settle soon with me.

So I immediately first aided him (put a burnshield on his foot), which calms him down for a while, but he has a death grip on me. Bless him.

Then the screaming starts again a while later, and he doesn't stop. L and M start crying too, seeing how much pain he is in.

I call mother, phone is off.
Phone dad and he says he'll try get hold of mom.

Anyway, he ended up going to the doc... which is what they should have done in the FIRST place. Mother tried to make excuses for thei coffee being on the floor due to *baby brain*...

So...? Does this condition called 'baby brain' exist?

Would love some feedback.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Bangers and mash

A typically English meal! And a favourite of Lance's.

Pork and apple sausages with mash and mixed veg.

Simple and yummy.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Thinking ahead...

I know I will miss London loads. There IS so much here that is wonderful.

Lance and I are making a concerted effort to see more of London, revisit places we haven't been to in a while, see new things. Tomorrow we'll hop on the train together and go to the National Art Gallery and Portrait Gallery. Haven't been for a while. Have lunch (they make delicious soup) in the crypt at St Martin's In The Field's Church there in Trafalgar Square.

It took my brother about 6 months to stop feeling terribly homesick for London.. and even now he misses it.. which is understandable. This is an amazing city.

New start. New home. New business. New church. New friends.

Sure, we will have so much that is familiar to us too. But people change. Friends change. The country has changed.

How will I survive without eBay and Amazon??? haha

But I will. And probably more easily than I now realise. It's just a case of getting used to different things again... like no public transport. Telkom. Slow internet. Not having the luxuries for a good while till the busienss is up and running ... like DSTV etc.

All new.

But so exciting!

Respiratory delight!

Well, today I saw the respiratory specialist.

I haven't seen him for 3 months. He is very happy with my asthmatic progress... and said that my surgeon had also written a very good letter to him about my recovery.

Good news!

I do not have to see him again unless something goes wrong with my lungs. Here's praying progress improves!!!

Simply delighted that all is well.