Thursday, 21 October 2010

The easy way out?

Blisters are sore but getting a bit better. Just wish the bigger ones would go already.

It's easy for people to see folk like Fern Britton and think she took the easy route.. but they have no idea what the person actually has to do to achieve it. The strict will power, the nausea, the pain, the vomiting.

I actually had no choice, this op is my get out plan. I don't wish to have a lung transplant in 10 or so years, or die early. I love being married to Lance too much. And this enables me a much longer time with him. Yeah yeah puke all you like, but that's the nuts and bolts of it hehe

The weight loss over time will be fantastic of course, in every way... but my primary concern is to ease my asthma before this cold winter sets in... and it's here already it seems hey? Car iced over this am.

I am on a hectic regime, basically I put strained soup in an ice tray, and melt a block for a meal. Exciting huh? I am on 100% liquid diet for next couple weeks, then pureed for a month, then soft foods like mash for a month, then slowly onto solids... my new tum has to be reweaned. Right now I am supposed to get down 4-6 cups of liquid a day, and I am battling with that I tell you.

I have antibiotics for 3 months, injections (anti clotting for DVT) I administer for 2 weeks, multivitamins I take every day, painkillers as and when.

I see the surgeon in a week, then the bariatric nutritionist and respiratory peeps every few weeks, then months, then after 2 years, once a year. They are watching the asthma ramifications, and watching out for any deficiencies, like protein.

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