Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Special visitors

This morning I had the pleasure of the company of two gorgeosu lil kids and their mum. Edward, Kate and Kirsty. These children will always hold a special place in my heart as they were the first children I signed on when I started my childcare business, and I looked after them for 2 years.

This was Edward's card (on the right), plus a card for our wedding anniversary from the inlaws in Cape Town. It is tomorrow... 9 years of marriage have flaaaaashed by!

They brought me a lovely flower in a vase, a photo card (I love updated photos of the kids I used to look after!), and a card from each child, that they had done themselves. They took great delight in explaining exactly what was in each picture, their ages and foot size! Haha. They make me laugh. Always have, bless them.

This is Kate's card below :)

The blommie on the far right is from them (sorry Lance, but the blommies you got me in hospital have been thrown out, their innings ran out!).

The cleaner was also here today. Hooray! The ironing pile has vacated the kitchen counter spot, and the house is *sniff* better all round.

I had a surprise knock on the door earlier, with one of my current parents bringing me a present.. a book called 'Freedom', by Jonathan Franzen. Never heard of him nor the book, but the blurb looks good. I feel so spoilt.

The nausea has been a bit better today, but still too much. I am trying to get in all that I need to.

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