Friday, 15 October 2010

First 2 days in hospital

Friday am, first meal. Foul chicken soup (literally made from a chicken stock cube and some salt and pepper), and an equally gross little jelly. Only could manage a few spoons of each.

Putting on a brave face! I believe a lot of one's recovery is mental, so have pushed myself to be positive and as active as possible from the start. I managed a short, slow walk early on Friday am with hubby helping me.

Nights are horrid. Aside from being in pain and away form the comforts of home, putting up with the noist nurse station (which was right next to me), and being awoken to have bloods taken at 2am, and then given painkillers every 6 hours... not an easy time. I have been catching up on sleep since I have been home.

Thursday, after 4.5 hours in surgery, 5 hours in recovery, I was taken to my ward, where my sister immediately took these two flattering shots below!

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