Monday, 25 October 2010

Pureed food and yoghurts are in da house!

The little lemon van from that delightful food shop, Ocado (Waitrose) , brought me a wide selection of stage 4 (age 7 months!) pureed foodstuffs, and yoghurts, and a couple more tomato and mushroom soups... the only soup I can stomach now.

I have just had pureed tomato and spaghetti bollognaise... not nearly as tasty as I make it in solid form, but hey ho, beggars cannot be choosers right now... and I am just grateful to be able to have something mushy to eat.

Yes i could have made my own pureed foods, but I prefer to get them in, rather than me cooking loads of food and having to freeze it and have loads of the same stuff to eat. At least this way I get variety.

I have lost no weight since last weight post. Have I got rid of all the water now then?

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