Sunday, 3 October 2010

What is your most frightening experience?

My worst by far was my near fatal asthma attack in 2008. Thankfully I had this attack in the doctor's room, was delirious very quickly, they nebulised me immediately and called an ambulance. Was hospitalised for 5 days.

Next was when I was attacked by 5 dogs when I was 11. 2 dobermans and 3 cocker spaniels. Pack mentality. Took some mega chunks out of my right leg, still have the scars. I was terrified of all dogs thereafter for a few yrs, till mum got Max... my beloved staffy.. who I was scared of at first, but then he helped me overcome my fear of dogs.

Next was the bombs in London, I was about 3 tubes behind the one they blew up on the Piccadilly Line. Took a lot for me to get on a tube the next morning for work.

Another scary time was in the early nineties when I was studying for my degree at Johannesburg University, in the middle of a turbulent Johannesburg. There were often marches by Cosatu etc. where tens of thousands of people were chanting and singing in protest. Moderate violence generally, except when they blew up Shell House,a couple of blocks from us. Vespas everywhere. We were shut up in our building and when they thought it was safe enough, we were escorted by the army to our cars to go home. Looking through the windows I saw a couple of people panga'd :( The atmosphere was so tangible and electric those days.

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