Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bariatric surgery

The meds I have been on for 13 years, although good for my asthma when I battle to breathe, have certain side effects. Panic attacks, slow healing of wounds (eg: the mosquito bites I got in Israel on my arms have left scars as my skin cannot heal properly), a weakened immune system etc. the worse being rapid weight gain.

And my body just isn't coping with it all anymore and I am looking at having surgery to aid me in my weight loss a lot more quickly, so my asthma can improve with the weight loss, and I can get off these vicious meds, with the aim to only using my inhalers every day.

I've been in a vicious circle for years... my asthma is bad, I need steroids, I have rapid weight gain, this exacerbates my asthma, which means I need even more steroids, which means I gain even more weight .. etc. I have tried on my own to lose the weight but have to practically starve myself as I don't eat that much anyhow, but need to eat even less to counteract the tablets.

I lost 32kgs by literally starving myself in 2006 (to counteract tablets) through Lighter Life, and after a bout of heavy steroid use over the next 18 months, that weight returned... I lost another 12 kgs in 2008, but after my hospital stay (severe asthma attack), that returned too. So I need medical intervention.

I approached the NHS and have been happy with their service thus far - they are thorough and want to ensure this is the right step for me.

I have seen 3 specialists so far at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in SW London, and see the surgeon on 2 June. He will see whether I need to see another 2 specialists (respiratory and anaethetist)/set a surgery date.

I will be in hospital 3-5 days, and need at least a week off work thereafter. The week I go back to work my hubby will take off work to help with basic lifting, carrying baby upstairs etc. as I cannot do heavy lifting for 6 weeks after surgery. As soon as the surgery date is set I'll chat with OFSTED to ask about hubby being a temp assistant.

Am equally scared and apprehensive, but excited. Being this large has lessened my quality of life considerably and I am not coping. Physically/mentally/emotionally.

Interesting, the bariatric nurse told me that 15% of obese people actually under eat... the absolute opposite to what people might think. Meds play a far bigger role than we realise with weight gain.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

World Asthma Day

Today is World Asthma Day.

I am still shocked at how little is known about this chronic condition and how non seriously it is taken by some people. As a severe asthmatic myself it worries me no end.

My own mum saw a man die from an asthma attack in front of her a couple of months ago... his inhaler had run out. He was trying to take it, and was panicking big time as nothing was coming out. The mums at the gate called the ambulance which got there quickly, but too late. They tried in vain to revive him for nigh on an hour. He died in front of his daughter!!!

Here's hoping that people start taking this more seriously... as childminders we are FAR more informed than the average person re this disease.

Let's educate others

Baby Elise

My brother and his wife in North Carolina had their third child last night... they now have a new born, a 1 yr old and a 2 yr old!

We're putting bets on her falling preggies again before the year is out... haha

What really sucks is being so far away. Grrrrr.... all my nephews and nieces are in Joeys or Hickory. Wish we were closer! Another big trip to the post office coming up!