Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Some oldies :)

With my siblings, Judy, Les and Shaun... at our St George's Street, Kensington B home in Randburg... late 70s.

Chatterbox Nursery School photo of the kids in the boat. Mary (RIP) was a dear soul who I loved dearly, she was so good with the kids. She was murdered by her boyfriend's jealous ex girlfriend. She was never charged, even though everyone knew who it was :(

Mum's first little classroom (1980/81) was our converted double garage. She was on her own with 4 kids, no maintenance help from loser dad who had desserted us, and she needed to work from home. She had this nursery school for 20 years and then sold it. 75 kids, 15 staff about. A BRILLIANT nursery school.

Thanks ma.

My brothers, Shaun and Les... at Hout Bay beach, Cape Town, South Africa. Early 80s.

Les' first day at school! With me on the left and our sister, Judy.

Me and my sister :)

I grew up with our basset hound, Adelaide and we had Rex (cross labrador/ridgeback) for a brief spell.

1977... bother Les is born :)

Gran, me and Les... playing with a gun no less! Oi vey!

My gran was always so stylish.. quite the beauty in her day, and quite delicate and *posh*. A tad snooty, bless her. Her British roots ;)

I do not remember this at all. But here it is, so we must have been there! I had just turned 4 (1978), and was already fitted with a gorgeous (not!) pair of bullet proof specs.

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