Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Well the time has come for our long awaited holiday to South Africa!

Bags are being packed, camera and phone batteries and chargers and plugs are being sought, clothing is washed and ready to be ironed tomorrow morning (by the cleaner! Not me hehe), presents are wrapped and ready to be packed, fridge is being emptied of all that may go off whilst we are away, banks are being called to advise of us being away (having a card declined at the Empire State Building in new York a couple of years ago, due to the bank thinking our card was being used fraudulently there, was NOT fun!), dosing up on our vitamin c as usual, and most importantly, disprins... for the flight ahead (anti DVT).

Looking forward to being with family, the sunshine, friendly people, smiles, viewing game, South African food, laughing... :)

And most importantly... more than the fun in the sun, and the warmth of the hugs of dear ones... we look forward to celebrating the birth of Christ...and thanking Him for all He has done in our lives, the blessings He bestows on us who are so unworthy.

Celebrating His life and His goodness.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas trees

We have a beautiful artificial tree we bought a couple of years ago. Lance always does the (white) lights, I do the decorations... we aim to buy an antiquey(?)-looking Christmas tree ornament whenever we travel to a new country/area in a country.

This year we have not put a tree up as we are heading to South Africa shortly.

I love a snowy cold Christmas, and equally love a hot summer Christmas... each are enjoyable in different ways, each have their own charm.

My florist is selling 3 ft real trees for £30... madness! My sister got a 5 ft real tree for £20 at Barnes Wetlands Centre. Far better price.

What type of tree do you put up?

Thanks Christina!

Christina sent me this delightful photo :) Love it!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Lil Chewy

In memory of our little furball, who went to Jesus on 3 September 2010, I had this little hamster made, in memory of her.

Still miss the lil blighter so much... even her hammy smell and tireless running in her squeaky wheel all night ;)

Saturday, 11 December 2010

WLS stats

7 weeks post surgery: 10.5 kgs weight loss.

Total weight loss (including pre op weight loss): 17.5kgs

Monday, 29 November 2010

My little pleasure

I have had 2 main cravings since my wls... fish and beetroot! More carb than protein, it isn't ideal for me, but is very low in calories, and touches that spot when needs be.


British Museum

The imposing facade of the British Museum

I love the foyer... exquisite!

Walk like an Egyptian...

Love these ellies!!!

The Rosetta Stone is larger than I thought it would be... a shame re the reflections in the photos... as the detail of the stone is lost.

King Henry VIII's wives...??? hehe

The photo above and below look like a bath and a chest.. they are TOMBS! Amazing... they are tiny! The people back in these ancient Greek times weren't THAT short, were they?

We had a brief brunch at the Gallery Cafe.

Lance ordered a Quiche Lorraine (egg, bacon and onion pie), with chickpea salad, and tomato soup. I nibbled on it. It was lovely! Highly recommended.

Unfortunately our time here at the museum wasn't that long, as I got the shakes and felt so nauseous... so we had to head home early. We will go again soon!

A-ha ''Take On Me'' - Farewell Tour, London, 27 November 2010

A-ha 'Cry Wolf' - Farewell Tour, London, 27 November 2010

A-ha 'Living Daylights' - Farewell Tour, London, 27 November 2010

A-ha ''Foot of the Mountain'' - Farewell Tour, London, 27 November 2010

A-ha I've been losing you.wmv

Feeling pretty good!

I am doing pretty well, all things considering!

This wkend was my first proper outing, and the first day (Sat) went well... and I jived late into the night with Morten... and then Sun wasn't so good... nausea and the shakes... we got to British Museum, I had a little something to eat, took my meds, and didn't get better, so we came home. But what we managed to do was such fun :)

5 weeks out and my asthma has already improved, weight loss is good and steady (is unlike other wls procedures where they bypass your digestive system so you don't absorb any fats or sugars, so weight loss is HUGE and quick, my weight loss is steady and slower), I'm feeling better already. 2 top sizes down and 1 trouser size down.

We live on quite a hill and when I walk up it I am wheezing and out of breath, and take my pump when I get home... I haven't been taking it this past week... for me, this op has made such a huge difference already!!!

Lots I can eat, lots I cannot... depends from day to day with certain things... other things, like chicken, has to be very moist and shredded to be digested, even then I often cannot digest it and have to spit it out (sorry to be gross!).

I tried multigrain too early... my nutritionist said I must wait till the new year. It's all a learning curve for me, I am taking each day one at a time, listening to what my body needs.

It's shouting for beetroot and protein! I never used to have much protein, and for this wls surgery (and for asthmatics I have since found out!) protein should be key to one's diet... so this also explains why my asthma has improved so much already.

Usually , in this bitterly cold weather, my chest is continually tight and I am on steroids to help me breathe... and I am feeling light in chest and am not on the dreaded steroids :)

And it can only get better! :)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

A-ha Farewell Tour

We went to A-ha's farewell Tour on last night... this was the last concert they'll ever play in the UK! :( They play a couple more times in Norway and then that's that... A-ha will disband. It's such a shame... they are SO talented!

Here are some images of the concert... Below I will pop some videos I took of the concert.

Farewell A-ha... thank you for the 25 years of music you provided. Your music WILL go on!

A room with a view... Wembley Stadium

This was the view from our hotel window. Wembley Stadium. I love how it changes personality as the light changes as night draws in.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

A little bit of fun!

I have this new application on my new phone (iPhone 4 nogal! woohoo!)... it makes a coloured photo black and white, and then you can draw selected colour into it. Neat huh?

Friday, 26 November 2010

WLS stats

Salmon flakes, low fat cheese spread and pepper, on multigrain bread.

The nutitionist said I must stay off bread for a while longer still... my lil new tum probably cannot handle bread yet, and this might lead to a tear/leak.

I have had no pain when eating, and stop when full... so thought bread was okay (have had it twice), but if the nutritionist says it's early days for me and bread... then out goes the bread!

Crackers are fine. I love these low fat Jacob's crackers, with fillings on top.. they literally melt in my mouth. Just what's needed!

Sea basa fillet of fish with lemongrass and chili sauce... with rice.

I am being very careful with rice... just little bits at a time... hard to digest!

Below is fish pie, with side salad.

Two tablespoons of fish pie practically fills me up.. I then eat the salad as I am able. Focussing on proteing first.

5 weeks post surgery: 9.5 kgs weight loss.

Total weight loss (including pre op weight loss): 16.5kgs

I haven't lost weight hardly at all (as far as the scale is concerned!) in the last couple of weeks, but have been following my regime as much as before. I am losing inches though... my body feels so different.

I am down 2 t-shirt sizes and 1 trouser size... so it's all good... just wish the scales were being more generous.

I chatted to the nutritionist about this and she said I am doing very well and must just continue as I am... as long as I see change in my body shape, and clothing wearability, then I AM losing weight... and the scales will probably dip loads soon, to show this on there too.

Marrow Mmm...

Baby marrow (courgette), tomato, butternut, carrot, cucumber, onion, basmati rice (white), basmati rice (brown), chicken, red pepper.

I made this from previous 2 night's leftovers... and Lance loved it! I picked on this and that.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Such generous friends

Friends of ours are emigrating to South Africa next week and they've been clearing things out and they said they thought hard before giving things away... to the right person. Most of their stuff (apart from what's on a ship to SA as we speak!) has gone to charity.

He is a photographer and gave us a lovely tripod... woohoo!

He also gave me an .... ENLARGER!!!! I loved b&w photography at uni in the dark room and he knows this from a conversation we once had... and I am now the proud owner of an enlarger... with red light, trays, chemicals, the works (although will get fresh chemicals!).

They have a baby and she gave me a couple of baby furniture items that she knows I do not have yet (I have just taken on a 6 month old)... she knows exactly what I have as I've looked after her now 3 yr old for 2.5 yrs.

Very thoughtful in their giving to their friends.

And those items will not gather dust!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Time for lunch!

Onion and chives cottage cheese, salmon, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, on a slice of multigrain bread.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Since I have been back on soft solids, I have been craving seafood, fish and beetroot. I've had fish (cod and bass fillet) twice, seafood (prawns) three times, and a slice of beetroot every day, this week.

What food cravings have you had lately? Do they change?

Meals today

For breakfast I had an egg. Till now I've only managed half an egg. Then I had a coffee flavoured slimfast shake for lunch.

I was a little naughty and had a couple pieces of VERY moist biltong... Mmmm... protein!

Tonight I had Cod & Prawn Ocean Pie, 2.5 tablespoons worth. First time I've had mash since the op... and I ate it slowly and didn't quite get to finish it all.

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Remembrance Day.

My grandparents and great uncles and aunts fought for Britain in WWII, and I've always been so aware of this.

Of them all, I only have my gruncle left, he's 85 and still travels the world and tells the most amazing war stories. I love him to bits.

I scanned in all the B&W pics he has in an album of his time in Zululand, South Africa, in the early 1940s. Amazing photos.

The photo above is of my maternal gran and grand dad... Eileen and George.

I do believe we can never fully understand what they went through for us x

Monday, 8 November 2010

25 things about me... how many did you know?

1. I am a devout Christian

2. I had a motorbike accident when I was 11. I was then set on by a pack of dogs 11 months later, who ravaged my leg and made me terrified of dogs for years, till I got my staffy Max :) Twas a bad year! My scars still ache in the cold

3. My favourite photography subjects are children and wildlife

4. I do not have my drivers license yet

5. I used to sing soprano, till I developed chronic asthma and the lungs started resisting!

6. I am extremely loyal to my family and friends

7. I qualified as a graphic designer in 1995 and had my own product design company in Cape Town for 5 years prior to moving to the Ole Smoke. I worked as a senior designer in publishing for a few years, then started my own childcare business in 2007

8. I am an eternal optimist

9. I have been married for 9 wonderful years.. . wish for another 99 :)

10. I am learning to play the keyboard

11. I live near Wimbledon Common, but have yet to see a womble! I have also been to Wimbledon Tennis Championships a few times, including semi finals and finals

12. Do you recall the handmade paper greeting cards with pressed flowers and wire art, sold in Woolies (South Africa) for a few years? Those were mine. Did you ever buy one?

13. I would love to be a mum

14. I can sit in a bird hide at a waterhole for hours on end, this is home to me

15. I sorted post for one day at a mail order company in Tooting when we first arrived in London

16. My favourite subjects at school were English and Art

17. I have green eyes, can spread all my toes out, and have a geographical tongue - I am a super navigator! haha

18. I enjoy a variety of arts and crafts: painting (on canvas!), drawing, screen printing, making handmade paper, bead jewellery and wire art - just wish I had more time for it

19. I played wing attack in the Netball A-Team at school, and I used to run very fast! (what happened?? haha)

20. I cry loads when I laugh (and then my tummy hurts)

21. I made Nelson Mandela's 79th birthday invitations at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town

22. I have watched Pride and Prejudice (1995 Colin Firth as Darcy BBC series) at least 20 times (so far) – am a huge fan of Jane Austen

23. I used to work at a circus... Piccadilly Circus!

24. I was the second person in the history of the borough to receive the highest grading from OFSTED at their first grading inspection

25. I have panic attacks in water - plase don't expect me to rescue you. We WILL go down!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beauoooootiful day

Getting comfy for the rugby later, go bokke! Watching nz vs eng now.

Had our first lil outing, was great! Gentle walk in Wimbledon Village to the common, and a belated anniversary meal.

Before pic below.

Lance had bangers and mash with an onion sauce, and I had a chicken salad, with hummus, tomato, cucumber and hummus.. The tomato and cucumber were cut up finely which suited me perfectly. There were some slices of pita bread, I had half of one(very small little bites). Carbs are not the best thing for me to have, I need to focus on protein.

I LOVED this meal.. the first *proper* meal I have had in 2 months (taking into consideration I was on a liquid diet pre op too).

Made me feel almost normal again :)

I'm progressing quite quickly onto more solidy type food... just gotta chew it for ages and liquidise it before I swallow. And be very careful what I eat. Amount is tiny too. I had about a quarter of the lettuce, hummus and chicken. Lance had quite a bit of it too... he enjoyed my meal more than his he said hehe

After pic below.

Then tonight I will have half a cup of soup for dinner like I do every night. And I feel so full!

Must be careful though as eating too much, or the wrong type food will make me bring up, so I am wary of my new tum and how it's feeling at all times. Think I'm learning quite quickly what's good for me.

Walking through the village, it started to rain, a 'monkey's wedding' we say in South Africa :) It's cool but pleasant, blue skies, and there, amidst it all, was a lovely rainbow :)

Amazing how, even through stressful times, and we have had our share of that of late, it's the small things... holding hands with the love of my life, and seeing God's hand in the shape of a rainbow... that bring us back to earth and remind s how very blessed we actually are.

I feel so blessed to have had this surgery. And so quickly too. Others wait a couple of years to have it done, I waited 5.5 months. My asthma is improved too already! Not battling with our mighty hill where we live, and walking as much as I have before. Thank you Jesus!

Lance is doing much better. Light headed and weak, but doing loads better. We are taking care of eachother. He sees the doc on Monday, and will hopefully be back at work on Tuesday.. if the doc (and I!!!) let him ;)

Autumnal leaf

Is it floating in the sky?

Pretty, isn't it? It's a reflection on our car :)