Sunday, 26 September 2010

Our second week in South Africa

Sadly, as I can only get travel insurance covering me two months after a major op, our 3-4 week holiday has been crammed into 2 weeks!

So, we have decided to keep the first week for ourselves, and the second for family.

Lance will fly down to his family in Cape Town for Christmas and I will go with mine to Kruger. It is far from ideal that we have to spend Christmas apart... any time apart is horrible! But, as we have such little time we have no choice. As I will be recuperating still, it makes sense I have less time travelling around the country anyway.

This is where I will be with my family... cannot wait!

Our first week in South Africa

We are so excited. Now that we have the surgery date, we can go ahead and make bookings for our holiday in South Africa in December.

Our first week will be spent at Out of Africa, in Hartebeesport Dam. It's near an elephant sanctuary and a cheetah sanctuary, Pilansberg Game Park is only an hour away... it'll be a time just for Lance and I... a time to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Saw the pope and was nebulised!

What a morning.

He was staying up the road from our home last night. Helicopters have been flying overhead. I was walking to the doc up my street and stopped at a roundabout where a traffic cop stopped and halted traffic ... along came a nondescript vehicle, windows weren't tinted, and there he was sitting. Apart from the mini motorcade, he would have gone by and I wouldn't have even noticed... they were travelling along the quieter streets.

Got to the doc, 5 min walk from my home... battling to breathe, in tears (always get scared when I cannot breathe)... they made me WAIT so a man who needed injections for travelling could be seen first before they nebulised me!!!! Un-freaking-believable.

Then... the nurse (who I have never seen before) starts lecturing me on my weight!!!!! I couldn't say anything as I was being nebulised with a mask over my nose and mouth. I told her afterwards, 'pls look at my file before you say things in future'. She turned pink. If she had CARED to have a brief glance at my medical history she'd see I am having weight loss surgery next month for massive weight gain due to meds for my asthma and lungs.

REALLY frustrated as I am on the liver cleansing diet pre surgery, and now the antibiotics (for my chest infection) and the heavy steroids I am on again for my asthma are just piling the weight on :( I feel like I am btwn a rock and a hard place.

Vent (nearly) over.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Surgery date!

Woohoo! I have been given a date for my surgery! 14 October.


So excited.. and so nervous.

I am in constant pain now, and winter approaches... a baaaaad time for my asthma and lungs. This surgery will frog leap me into a new chapter in my life. I so desire the health of my twenties.

I now start a liver cleansing diet... basically I say goodbye to solid food for quite some time.. and hello to milkshakes for the time being... until at least end November.. then onto soft foods and we go on from there.

Apparently I will be off red meat and bread (!!) for up to a year post surgery.. oh my!

But... in the grand scheme of things, this is a very small price to pay for the (now, much longer) future that awaits me.

With this surgery came a mini miracle too... there is a 6 MONTH waiting list once you've had your pre-op assessment, and my surgery has been scheduled 2 WEEKS after my pre op assessment!!!

Our prayers have been answered - that I'd be put to the top of the waiting list due to my lungs... and a bitter winter approaches and the risk factor for surgery is heightened considerably.. so this is a answer to PRAYER. Thank you Jesus!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Our Chewy ( R.I.P. Mar 09-Sept 10)

R.I.P lil Chewy Mar 09-Sept 10 who went to sleep this morning one last time. Thank you for all the joy you brought into our lives. Our precious lil furgirl. We will miss you so xxx

These photos were taken on 28 August 2010... a week before she fell asleep for good.

Lil Chewy isn't well :(

I am knackered. Late night with lil Chewy again... she's not doing too well. Was up till 3am, stroking her and taking to her, trying to make her twilight hours as comfy as possible. We have been feeding her food and water with a syringe. Her lil body giving up :(