Sunday, 17 October 2010

Battered and bruised

Apologies for the pics below, but this is my record of my surgery, and this is a good reminder for me of what I have been through on this WLS journey. There are 5 wounds from the lapascopic surgery, and the bigger wound on the left (the 6th wound) not seen in this shot, is from the drain site.

My view from B1, my bed.

Battered and bruised... I had two cannulas in overnight, then they got too small (I have small, delicate veins), they put in another SIX cannulas (IV drips), all of which failed.. hence me being left with very bruised arms.

They gave me this gross tasting blue liquid, which, if there are no leaks in the stomach, make the urine in the catheter green... so.. in this case, green urine was GOOD :)

The bad for the drain, with excess leaking blood.

The drain. This hurt the most. It's cruicial though, as if blood is coming through, then the stomach is not securely closed. In taking this out, I had to be morphined, and it STILL hurt like hell.

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