Thursday, 29 April 2010


So I finally got to meet this lovely lady! Diana I have known for years... we often bump into each other at Barnes Fairs or the like.

She's just super... felt like we'd met many times before... her and Diana chatted with the Joyous one in Joeys on Skype... what a lovely afternoon!!!.

Monday, 12 April 2010


Easter was just lovely!

It started early with the kids... we made Easter cards, and bags, to take home. We had a treasure hunt in the garden, and Milly the bunny happened to move in next door too, which was great! We feed her carrots every day.

Iris made us these lovely Easter mobiles above, she is so creative and talented my friend.

On Easter Sunday we awoke early, had an egg hunt (yes, there we were, 3 ADULTS, searching for eggs!), went to church, came home and had a braai. Twas a tad chilly, but good fun... and we got to use our new braai for the first time.