Friday, 22 October 2010

It's friiiday!

Recovery is going well guys. Nauseous, sore and bruised, but all good, considering! I am a dab hand at injecting myself at 6am in the morning, barely awake (I do this before L goes to work).

As an asthmatic I also have excema, which makes me susceptible to allergies on the skin, hence the blisters I have to contend with. Some have scabbed and are healing, a couple of the biggies are still all up there. Amazing. Bally frustrating. Hard to put the dressings on, Lance has to cut them into weird shapes to go around all the blisters.

My drain site is the worst. Heck, it aches. I should perhaps take painkillers, trying not to.

So yesterday I watched North & South (with the delicious Richard Armitage), and The Birds... love that film hehe. Today it is all about Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice. I am being good though, am doing taxes at the same time, and talking little walkies in the garden too now and again, in the chill.

I am doing well on soups, about half a jelly a day, water and optifast shakes. Aiming for 6 cups of liquid a day. I hope I'm getting the necessary down, I think I am. Even when I'm back on solids I am still going to have soup/shake everyday for at least one meal I think.

Weight loss? Lance (finally) got batteries for the scale... haha. I lost 7kgs on the pre op diet, and have lost 6kgs since surgery last Thursday. Fast hey? I am sure this will slow down quite soon though, and most of it is water anyway. Weighing in pounds sounds like so much more haha... but I have always worked in kgs, so will continue to.

I have been feeling nauseous on and off... so am upping my water intake, but do think what I am having is enough already. But definitely do not want to take any more tablets.

So here's to another good day on the loser's bench :)


  1. Yaaaay. Well done to you, brave and beautiful lady. :)

    Hope the weekend goes brilliantly. Remember, that this too shall pass, and before you know it you will be so fit and healthy and looking gorgeous in your new wardrobe.

    lots and lots of love.

  2. Hi, I saw your post in the coffee shop and got curious as to what WLS is. Saw your post Why WLS, so I guess I've a better understanding now. Good to know that you're doing well after the surgery. Hope too that the surgery will do wonders for your asthma.

  3. Thank you so much Julia!

    Taking it easy yet active - if that makes sense??? LOL

    Much love to you xxx

  4. Thanks for your kind comment Sam - it has been quite a journey for me thus far, and I have much ahead... but it'll be onwards and upwards :)