Sunday, 24 October 2010

A bit of a slump

I was up most of the night, hot sweats and cramps. Poor hubby, sharing the bed with me. Covers off, then on. Then off, then on.

He has the patience of a saint.

This morning I slept in a bit then went to the bathroom and clean nearly fell over.. if I hadn't quickly sat on the loo I would have fainted. Thankfully it was Lance's day off and he was there in a flash, so I could rest my head against his tum. Incredibly weak and shaky and sweating profusely, no temp.

He got me some water and made me up a chocolate protein shake. It took me a while to drink it as I lay on my bed, but made me feel a tad stronger.

Time for a bath after those frightful sweats. This had stopped too. I wonder what brought it on? Lance thought I had low glucose levels due to the liquid diet I am on.

He helped me with my dressings, then with my bath and washed my hair. I felt so out of it. I hate this feeling of not being in control.

After the bath and some more water and a lie down I felt better.

I expected this kinda thing already, but when it happens, it's not pleasant. I really need to build up my reserves and get some strength abck before I start work next week.

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