Tuesday, 28 July 2009

And today....?

The mum brought the sibling of the child on tami flu in today, I explained all that I had had to do yesterday due to her daughter being dropped off at my place, even with suspected swine flu.

She was a bit defensive, saying they had not been told the severity of it all and that they didn't know the child should be isolated at home whilst on the course of tami flu.


They spoke to a doctor and then picked up the tami flu from a chemist, am I meant to believe BOTH healthcare professionals failed to mention this crucial element regarding the medication?

I somehow doubt it. Plus the fact it was the dad who picked up the medication from the chemist, and he is notoriously absent minded and puts work before childcare often... and seems to make light of serious situations.

So their child is not here today, but will be tomorrow. They had better be honest with me re whether she has any more symptoms too.

Another little girl I care for, who was exposed to this child on tami flu yesterday, is off today, with a roaring temperature of 40 deg celcius and a hacking cough... sure signs of swine flu... oh my goodness! This mum is very responsible though and will keep her off if sick for sure.

Monday, 27 July 2009

A swine of a flu!

One child is on tami flu with suspected swine flu - she's on day 3 of a 5 day course... but as she seems fine... THEY BROUGHT HER TO ME TODAY, EXPOSING ME WITH MY DODGY LUNGS AND 3 OTHER UNDER 5S - ALL HIGH RISK PEOPLE - TO SWINE FLU!!!!!!

The mom doesn't tell me at the door as there was someone else there dropping their child off... she says (on the phone later) she didn't want to ''alarm him''...!!!???

She says a quick ''bye, I need to chat to you about something, will phone you later'', then drives to work - over an hour away... and then calls me to let me know re the tami flu AFTER a meeting... whilst the child is already here... exposing us all!!!

I am livid!!!!!

I now have to let other parents know their kids have been exposed to a child on treatment for possible swine flu, cancel other people coming here etc. I also have to isolate a two year old without alarming her and her 3 year old brother.... a nightmare!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

'It's raining, it's pawning'

Oh we certainly do NOT do things in half measure, Lance and I.

We have wanted a private garden for some time, saw a house we liked and jumped on it - and got it! Took us by surprise too I tell ya. Spontaneous decision. Thing is... we - and my business - will be moving into this house mid August! Have to arrange new certificates and register new address so can trade asap. All happening really quickly.

This happens a couple of days before our States trip (we'll just take a moving box each as luggage haha).... and at the same time as tenants are moving out of our other home in Joburg - then it's being painted, electrics checked etc - then new tenants will move in. A time when we really need to be contactable to sign new leases, check refs etc... and all happening whilst we have NO INTERNET, as it won't happen that quickly at our new home, and then we'll be away.

Not sure we thought about it that clearly hmmm, but this house is really nice and we were surprised we can afford one this nice in our area tbh.

ps: The title comes from a little 1 yr old girl I look after, Sophie... who says 'It's raining, it's pawning' when the rain comes down :)