Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Our latest Pilansberg/Sun City/Lost City holiday

Sun City - Flower's Pilansberg & Sun City

There is SO much to see and do here, for nature lovers, speed freaks, water babies, some gambling fun, family orientated activities, bird watchers, swimming, golfing.. you name it, you can find it here!

I have been here a few times and have a mix of old (scanned) photos, as well as new, digital ones. The newer ones are far nicer quality but the old are still special, so I have left them on here.

Sun City - Lost City splendour!

For a day trip, a weekend away or a proper holiday, this is a lovely place to come to (except for the fact that there are thousands of other tourists and travellers there too haha) Mid week visits are less crowded and personally, more enjoyable due to this. We have gone on weekends before and this last time (Jan 2007), we made sure it was for a few days mid-week.

There is so much to do here! We did a variety of water sports and had a wonderful time. We came here with family - my brother, his wife and their little girl - and so it was an extra special time for us all.

We stayed at Baghatla Camp on the border of Pilansberg this time, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sun City - A grazing zebra

And across the way?

The stunning Pilansberg Game and Nature Reserve. We went to Pilansberg in January 2007 and had a fabulous time! I actually had my birthday here and a better present I could not have asked for!

My little 2 year old niece calls us 'Uncle LanceJenny, and she was happily singing away to me as we drove along 'Happy birthday Uncle Jenny...' it was so adorable :)

We saw a lot more this time than we have before (have a fantastic camera now too, which makes all the difference!), we also got locked in the park the one night too, which I will tell you all about in the tips! Whether big/small game, bird or insect life, here one touches African soil.