Monday, 30 January 2006

My birthday!

Thanks everyone for the emails, comments and phone calls, it sure made my day, especially as I have been in bally bed all day. Caught a nasty little bug on Friday. Still on apple juice and water. Off work till Wednesday.

Something that REALLY sucks is that hubby has organised a 'surprise' chocolate birthday cake for me, and I can't eat any!!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh... (I say 'surprise'.. as he tried to hide it in the kitchen on top of the fridge behind something, but I found it hehe ;) It's really large too... I am not sure who else he is expecting tonight??? haha

Scrumptious huh?... yeah I can live with that!!! :))

*5 mins later!*

The 'mystery' of the cake is no longer a mystery.. hah... he was expecting family round tonight, which he's had to cancel due to me being ill.

I am my own person

I so enjoy chatting with people I meet (even on the plane too!), about their faith and what it means to them in their life. In a spiritual, practical and fundamental way.

I am a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ. I have my own thoughts and study his teachings and make up my own mind. I challenge teachers/pastors on their teaching of the Word because I long to learn more about this God I love so much, love and fear, yes, fear. In a respectful way, not in a trembling of the knees way.

I am in no way conditioned. I do not belong to a cult. I am my own person. I believe each and every one of us has the choice of allowing a faith/religion to 'conditon' one's thoughts, or not to. Eg: I have wonderful, peace-loving Muslim friends, and yet there are other Muslims that are full of hate and murder people as suicide bombers.

This goes for all faiths and religions, Christiantiy included. People are people, and it's really sad when people allow a theology/teaching to dictate (condition) their thoughts and deeds, but this can happen to anyone under any faith, whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish etc.