Monday, 17 October 2011

Young love

I still get a tingle and a rush when L gets home... I was told by a new pal on Saturday that she thought we were newlyweds! I laughed! Said it's 10 years next week... she was gobsmacked. Said we look too young to be married that long, plus, seeing how we are with each other, assumed it was new lurve... I count my blessings ♥

Sickness alert!

A mindee has today been diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease, as well as chicken pox, double wammy poor kid. Chicken pox is doing the rounds here.

I am ever mindful that I have 3 pregnant mummies, and another 3 families with newborns/young babies. Plus my weakened immune system (and steroid use)... all vulnerable. Eek!

So I am spending tonight cleaning the toys (again! Did them on the weekend, playing it safe, even though she wasn't here today). Sterilising those that are favourites with the little mouths! Re-cleaning the kids cot linen too. The virus for hand, foot and mouth stays in the body fluids and faeces for 4 WEEKS after the child has recovered, good thing I am OCD with hand washing, especially after nappies! 

Can't get sick for holiday next week!!!