Monday, 24 September 2007

A difficult one

This past week hasnt been easy. No, the kids were great, even my most challenging little one is changing... behaving more, listening and responding. Amazing what consistency and firm love do :)

No, the frustrating thing was someone whom I know... a long standing friend.

He has always been a difficult person to get along with, is arrogant (thinks he's god's gift to woman, thinks he's the best artist/cook etc. in the world), selfish (lives in his own little bubble.. and is only concerned it seems, with whatever affects him... not those around him)... and complains so much! I even mentioned this to him (after the umpteenth complaint re something in my home - which I find rude being the host - and his response was 'it isnt a complaint, merely an observation'.

Grrr... he always feels the need to make negative observations/complaints. Always at others' expense too. and gets so defensive when anyone has any compaint against him!

But there's a lot more than this. He went out Friday night, knowing we would have to wait up for him to let him in as he didnt have keys. You would have thought he'd be mindful of this and come home at 11pm or so, at the VERY latest 12... but no, it ended up being a 2amer... and then he wanted to help a hysterical girl, which was in itself nice, but there's not much thought re his hosts!!! 3am bed for us that night.

He goes to some sushi course and we drop him off (getting his hints... plus aware he isnt pleased we wont be fetching him), he walks back the long way... and complains re his hurting feet etc. He always needs to let others know around him when he is put out in any way. He expects everyone to JUMP for him!

The next night we went to my sisters. She's been planning this for weeks, has about 40 people there. We get there early to help set up etc.. what is family for? By 8:30pm he starts complaining re the time... he's tired, when are we thinking of going home. I am not planning on going home any time soon!!! I am also tired (due to him!!!) but am making extra effort to enjoy the evening my sister has worked hard to put together. There are also loads of pals there who I want to speak to etc.

He says 'If I drive your car back I am not sure where to go'... ummm.. excuse me??? Where does he get the idea we would let him drive the car??? We certainly never offered... Plus he's not on our insurance... plus how would we get home!!!??? SELFISH man. I actually had to get up and away from him I was so mad.

He didnt have the courtesy to thank my sister for having him - an extra guest who came just because he happened to be staying with us... plus he didnt even bring anything and it was a bring and share. My sister has always thought him rude though and knocked heads. I think I have always been very tolerant of his ways, valuing his friendship. But this rudeness and in my home.. is enough. My husband thinks he's darn rude and he's not easily hit up. He saw how tense I was getting this wkend

Sunday, 16 September 2007

The virtual world

It can be a friendly place sometimes, and I have loved playing a part in it for the last few years... have met some wonderful people etc. But I have had enough of my travel site for the time being. I would like to still write travel pages on it for myself and to help others, will contribute to the travel forums when I get a chance, and will still enjoy the social side of it... but the miscellaneous forum they have there is a no no now. A lot of it is about trust.. and there have been SIXTEEN deletions there since 31 August. I dont see how they are deemed warranted, the people who do the deltions say they are, and the deletees say they arent.

Two VERY different tales about the same conversation/email. All very confusing, irritating and sad. Who to believe? So, for the meantime, I will take a breather from all things online.

I have plenty of things going on in my own life currently, to have to warrant worrying and stressing as I have done for the last couple of weeks. Yes, the tests came back inconclusive so off I go in a few weeks for another test. The other tests I am having done start on the 25th. Fun and games. Not.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Judy's birthday dinner!

Well, the end of another week!

The childminding went very well... am bonding well with the kiddies and getting into a good routine with them. My home is well geared for kids of this age and the garden is a godsend!

Yesterday I freelanced and this was lovely (as per usual) except for the travelling... 4 hours of it. I headed to Judy's afterwards (the birthday girl!), and we had a wonderful evening at The Tapestry, a restaurant in Mortlake. My starter was an avocado crab mix, and my main was leg of lamb, with salad, fig and potato. WOW, what deleicious food and BIG helpings!!! Which meant... no pudding grrrr and they look fabulous!

Debs had told the waiter it was Judy's birthday and they brought her a chocolate brownie with ice cream, and a sugar puff design thing with a candle on it... haha. It was delicious!!!!!!!!!

So??? I have decided we will come here for our wedding anniversary in October :)) And I will have a main and dessert this time, skipping the starter... just cannot fit it all in!

After the meal we went back to Debs place and watched the recorded rugby... where South Africa beat England 36-0!!!

We knew the score as we had been getting smses/texts all night hehe.. but Judy and others never knew... so we were knackered, full and happy. What a lovely night out! Great bunch of girls.

Friday, 7 September 2007

A new day

Well, no freelance work for me this week! A shame in a way as nice to get the £££ and I love the design team... but it's also good to have a day off! A day to get errands done (like make extra sets of keys!!!), and do a tidy at home. Need to sort out the clothes cupboards for one thing!
Judy is coming round later for tea with the girls. S started school yesterday... very chuffed re that

Mum has been really sick lately... has even taken time off work with her chest infection. I phoned her last night and she's still so raspy on the phone... a week later! I wish I was there to be able to help her. She helps us kids (especially my brother currently as they live a 2 minute drive away from her) so much... cant wait to be able to give something back. Under 100 days till we see her... yay!

Trifle annoyed with something else too... if one spent a lot of time and effort taking, editing (photoshop) and uploading wedding photos for someone, do you think they'd acknowledge it or say thanks?? I would have thought so. Not a peep from them. I think it's rude Apparently they've been emailing them to everyone too, as they really like them... and not a single thank you.

Unbelievable. I dont know why I bother to help people out as much as I do sometimes.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

What a week!

This has certainly been an interesting week!

Childcare has gone well, everyone is happy, but I do have 1 child (child a) who is quite a handful!!! Of the 6 I can see another child (child b) is going to be a bit of a handful too. But I doubt child b will be anything like child a.

A demanding and whiney child, child a seems to get their own way at home a lot. I wonder if child a's ever told 'no'? I am trying to teach child a to say 'please' too when child a wants something.. which is often! When I am finished a day with child a I am absolutely shattered. It's not fair to give one child more attention than the others, I am careful not to, so the days it is here are heavy, as child a demands so much attention. Constant reassurance and attention. All day too.

Oh well, that's what it's all about isn't it? Living and learning

Started my tests at QM hospital this week, hope they don't come back inconclusive so I have to go again!!! I am looking forward to the tests on the 25th at C&W hospital, hoping to get some answers there too.

Then onto a more sombre note.

The VT I have come to love (and respect) is no longer what I think it to be. For many it is a mere travel site, to build travel pages, get travel info etc. This is great, and I use it a lot this way.... have over 4,000 pics of ours posted and on the way to 2,000 tips!

However there have been 9 member deletions this past week, and this sucks. I have lost respect for those in charge who try to justify their actions... but I dont think they are being transparent and honest enough. They say they dont read emails and other members have proof they do... etc. Far too much to go into here, but let's just say I am truly disappointed.

Such a shame.

I didnt now everyone who has been *zapped* but I knew a couple and I will stay in touch with them of course. But sadly, I cannot make mention of them in the forums for fear of being *zapped* myself! People are saving thier travel pages like crazy, in case they get *zapped* for being associated with the dearly deleted.

Ah well. I think I'll stick to writing travel pages and meeting people as I always have done. But Misc is no longer my playground. Not where people arent playing fair.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Locked out!!!

Oh but wasn't today fun!!!???

What NOT to do when you have a hungry tired child? Get locked out!

That yale has got me twice now... first time the landlord (thank goodness!) was home, so he could let me in. He lives a 2 minute walk away so that's handy!

So I phoned him today - hoping he's home, but he isn't, he's in Kensington, at a job. Groan.

I phone Lance and tell him the situ.... he (bless him) tells his boss he has to go home to let me in, and he does. Had to wait a while as he works at Oxford Street (and the tubes were down!!!! GREAT timing Jen!!!).

Thankfully though the sun was shining and I had brought plenty of sncks, a sandwich, crackers, raisins etc. with me for our common walk, so the child didn't go hungry. Little Finlay and Melanie (neighbours children) were sitting in the garden with their Slovakian nanny, Lanka, too... so they had some fun together.

So I need to get more keys made, and give one set to Judy! PRONTO

Monday, 3 September 2007

Started Christmas shopping!

This weekend didnt really turn out as expected... had a lovely day with sister, did some shopping (started Christmas shopping!), saw a movie.. Bourne Ultimatum.. it was realy very good, if not a tad unbelievable at times! But this is usually how these action movies are.

Sunday went topsy turvy and we ended up not going to church. Spent the rest of the day relaxing. Lance worked on Saturday so enjoyed the time to ourselves.

Mum hasnt been well (has a chest infection)... she amazes me, doesnt complain at all.. I have to hear about this from my sister!

Well the kids start tomorrow. All so different with their personalities, some far more challenging than others. Some content, some whingey. I guess we as adults also are so different and have good days and bad.

The playroom is really looking great, Lance and I reshuffled things around... look spacious and fun!