Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Western (Wailing) Wall, Jerusalem

Our trip to Israel and Palestine with mum was splendid. More than we anticipated even. It is so moving.
The bustling markets, friendly people, dust, in-your-face differences in religion, ugly huge wall separating two peoples, sadness, joy, juicy oranges, old world architecture, fabulous and intricate history and religious symbolism, misunderstanding and understanding... it has everything and more.

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Old City of Jerusalem at night

We wandered the cobbled streets of the Old Jerusalem at night, taking it all in. Graffitii, cobbles, archways, ancient drawings, ancient stone, history.

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1st night in Jerusalem's Old City

We had lovely, frank chats with Jews, Palestinian Muslims, Palestinian Christians, British people living and working there... we made some dear friends, who we will always remember. We finally met Gila and hubby, Heime, in the modern part of Jerusalem.
Mum being with us made it all the more special. It's been a dream of hers always, to come to Israel... and when we decided to go, we took her with us... she came to London from South Africa, then onto Tel Aviv, with us.

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Friday, 5 February 2010

Parent arrested...

I had a lovely start to (end of?) the week... with my birthday on Saturday - had a low key day with a lunch at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park with hubby and my sister... and a stroll.. then had a friend pop round for tea later... so all good!

I often look after a child (about once every one/two weeks) from 8am to 8:30pm... as mum is a professor and she has late talks/seminars sometimes. No problem with this... until Tues night.

I got a text asking if it was okay to have him till 10pm as she was running late....

'No problem' I said.

10pm comes and she rings me... 'Jen, I've been arrested!'

She was caught for speeding and had failed the breathaliser!

Panic stations my side (!!!)... I am not reg for overnight care... will I have to let Ofsted know re this? SS? I chat with Pauline who verifies what I need to know (thanks again Pauline! )... I was also trying to get a hold of the father (also a professor... but at a uni in Essex, so he only comes home on the wkends... and I cannot get a hold of him... they know no-one else in the area...)

We got to bed... and are awoken at midnight by this mum and two policemen... who are taking her and little one home ... she's not rip roaring drunk... just over the limit.. so isn't a danger to herself or her child.

Phew... all done... we go to bed. Knackered.

Now comes the interesting part...

On Wednesday morning she tells me how embarrassed she was about last night... and goes on to say how professional she thought the police were... then says 'you know Jen, the evening started off so well (she launched her latest book - on international politics - and had about 50 people celebrating with her) I am 38 and I have never had anything so exciting happen to me before! I had such fun in the back of the police car and at the police station'

Now, here I was stressing about the possible repercussions of her behaviour.. and how it affected me as he CM, and her little boy (he was asleep the whole time, so knew nothing of what was going on thankfully... good thing he wasn't in the car with her!)... and here she was, just grinning about it all.. saying what *fun* it was. Never thought that being arrested gave one such glee!