Monday, 18 October 2010

Injection time!

These are my meds. An antibiotic for 3 months, a multivitamin, and paracetamol as and when needed.

Bruised upper arm after only 3 injections of Clexane. Will have to start injecting in the legs soon.

Never given myself an injection before... good thing I am a fast learner!!

The photos don't actually do my bruises justice, they are quite magnificent!

Injection time, Lance puts savlon on my arm/leg...

... and in it goes!

Swollen and bruised. My left hand was incredibly swollen, it has gone down a lot by this stage.

We were supplied with this bucket, to throw away the needles once used. We will give this to a chemist/pharmacy or my local doctor to dispose of it properly.

I use this a few times a day, to help strengthen my lungs.

The injection! A painful necessity, it is vital that I inject myself for 2 weeks post surgery, as it works against the possibility of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) occurring. It things my blood. A necessary evil!

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  1. Anonymous3:49 am

    Oh Jen you are so brave. Bless you.