Saturday, 31 May 2008

Biopsy time

Hubby is going for a biopsy soon (heck dont the NHS take an AGE???), and this should determine if we can have children together finally. After many years of trying we will know for sure. We will then look at donor/adoption options seriously. Been looking at adoption already... stressful stuff. But, whatever it takes to be a mum and dad!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Arty farty stuff

I introduce the children to different art mediums at the level of the child, depending on their age and development. I have a comprehensive range of water colours, oils, beads (all equipment for making jewelery), handmade papers, greeting cards board, corrugated board, tracing paper, coloured paper, crayons, di-cut shapes, glitter pens, felt tip pens etc. to make creative activities with.

Sunday, 18 May 2008


I have a good range of dolls, toys, puzzles, cars, trains, educational items (eg: abacus, giant flash cards, puzzles etc.). My dolls and books show ethnic differences. I believe it is important for a child to learn from an early age that difference is not a bad thing or something to be wary of, and that we need to learn to love and respect no matter what colour we are, what belief system we have, or if our legs do not move properly and we have to use a wheelchair to get around.

We learn together how to stroke and pat a doll, put it down to sleep with their own blanket, and look after it gently (which helps when toddlers mummy's are having babies!).

I have a play kitchen with a plastic tea set and eating utensils, where we *clean* our blankets together and we cook delicious meals. I have an ironing board and iron for imaginary play. They love ironing the blankets for the dolls.

I have a large bath area which is super for water play and activities for the kids and a dressing up box with hats, scarves, jewelery and handbags for dressing up.

I have a box of various large and small, soft and hard balls, depicting various sporting activities, which is handy when playing different sports with the children, plus for sensory activities.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Child led is key...

Spontaneous, imaginative and child-led play is encouraged and enjoyed, whether building a castle with our lego and blocks, or including some role play and pretending we are Bob the Builder and 'fixing stuff' round the house!