Sunday, 27 February 2011

My precious mum :)


Sometimes there is nothing nicer to eat than an egg. A shame it makes me feel queesy so often afterwards, but still yummy to eat.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The King James Bible

Be Still And Know

This beautiful song is sung by a couple of teenagers from my mum's and brother's church in Johannesburg. Sung by Tammy Sorensen and Steve Gevers

Amazing voices.

Amazing words.

Amazing God.

Things to be grateful for today

1. A top I ordered online arrived today, and it's at least 2 sizes too big... so have had to reorder a smaller one

2. 60 days till African sunshine

3. The parents of the sickly child who was here yesterday, decided not to send him today.. dad being home sick does not mean I should care for their sick child

4. UK Govt adoption laws are changing for the better it appears. About time.

Monday, 21 February 2011

So we went online...

to book tickets for Morocco... and ended up booking flights to South Africa over Easter! How did that happen???

We have loads to do in prep for our return, buying and selling of property/business research and prep/house viewings etc. This trip is to decide exactly where we will reside on our return.

We will have 1 night in Jhb with fam and 1 night in CT with fam, that's all. We have so many pals in both places we are so keen to see and it just has to wait :( We will have plenty of time to properly catch up when we are on African sil for good.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

So I went online...

to book tickets for Morocco... and ended up booking flights to South Africa over Easter! How did that happen???

This trip is to decide exactly where we will reside on our return, and we have loads to do in prep for our return, buying and selling of property/business research and prep/house viewings etc.

We will make up lost time with other family members we cannot see now, on our return. We have so many pals in both places too that we are keen to see and it just has to all wait :(

We will have 1 night in Jhb with fam and 1 night in CT with fam, then onto Mpumalanga.


Now we prepare to come home.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Mush meals rock!

Lance made a lovely mush meal (as we like to call them!) today.

It used the leftovers of a couple of meals... pilau rice, chippolata (sp?) sausage, cauliflower, carrot, peas, rosemary potato.

Really simply. And so tasty!

I often make thus kinda meal for the kids... small bite sizes and they get their veg down.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mixed feelings

Well today is the day that mum starts her new adventure in the States.

Mixed feelings my side. We've had 5 weeks with her here in London, and they've been super!

She is feeling a tad uncertain re thus huge change in her life over the next two years... South Africa and the States are quite different places to live.

Plus... she will be missing out on my brother and grandkids in South Africa... But the upside is she will be spending much needed time with her other son and 3 grandkids (one whom she has yet to meet!), in North Carolina.

Bittersweet indeed!

But change of scenery is good. And necessary sometimes.

Mums had to say good-bye to her life in Joburg... Her beloved church, home, work in the RDP community, friends and family. Not easy to do.

This brings to light our own plans to move on in our life.

We were going to return to SA before this, but due to my abdominal surgery, have post phoned it till next year, so I am close to my surgeon should anything go wrong.

We are heading to SA to the part of the country we hope to relocate to, in April. To do a thorough rekkie re where to live and what business idea we have will most likely take off there.

Then we will put our Joburg property on the market, then buy another property with our relocation... Then, God willing, move back after the Olympics in 2012.

We cannot miss living in the Olympuc host city whilst the games are on! We are very close to the Tennis and Cycling venues for the Games.

Hope we can get tickets! Is on ballot system.

Anyway, thinking of mum. She's at the airport now and will board in an hour. Sending her a virtual hug. Love you ma xxxx

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Today's hospital visit

I saw the nutritionist and my surgeon today... and am VERY happy t report that they are both happy with my progress thus far!

I am also happy to report that I thought I had lost 24 kgs, and actually, my scale is 2 kgs off apparently... and so my weight loss has been an astounding 26 kgs thus far!

I am so chuffed.

Mum went with me to the hospital for the appointments, and it was lovely having her company. She now knows who the people are who have made such a difference to my life.

I met up with Lana, who had her op (gastric bypass) literally after my vertical sleeve gastrectomy, she was in the bed next to mine at hospital, and it's bee lovely keeping in touch re how we are both coping.

Scarily, she has had FIVE trips back to the surgeon since her op.. for wound infection, and problems with her swallowing food... I feel for her :( I do hope she is able to eat again soon. She is not unhappy having had the surgery, as her diabetes is gone now, her arthritis is better too amazingly. But the poor lass is HUNGRY. She is unable to swallow properly, and needs fuel.

And... I again realise how incredibly fortunate I have been... from being fast-tracked for the surgery, to having NO complications at all post surgery.

Monday, 7 February 2011


It's been a difficult couple of weeks. Much illness in the house!

Hubby got a bad case of the flu, was off work for a week. Very high temperatures, achy etc. Thankfully I can keep him upstairs and the children that come to me downstairs, or else I would have had to cancel them.

Then he got better and ma got sick.

She's been here for nearly a month, is staying in the guest room. She heads off to the States to stay with Shaun and Becky for a couple of years on the 18th Feb or so (need to buy the air ticket today, I mustn't forget!!!).

She's had high temps etc. and there again, good thing she can stay upstairs, so downstairs can go on as per normal (as much as possible). I ensure she has loads of fruit and crackers and liquids, now that she can stomach anything again.

I have been quite worried about her though. Hate seeing my loved ones in pain/trouble :(

So, even though it's Monday and I should feel rested, I feel anything but. Playing nurse continually to family, and looking after all the kids every day too, who also have their niggles.

Let's hope the sickness bug leaves the house soon and things get back on track. And I don't get sick!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Boifday blommies

A bunch of birthday blommies (flowers) I was given... I got a few bunches... ALWAYS the best gift ever! :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Birthday gallivanting

So we had a quiet family day on the 30th January, my actual birthday.

After church we went to Bar Estilo, a lovely restaurant overlooking the Thames River, in Richmond. Strawberry daquiries, paella, fish, lamb shank, meatballs and salad were the orders of the day.

We then went for a lovely walk along the river and afterwards we saw 'The King's Speech', with Colin Firth. I am sure he'll get an Oscar for this! Brilliant movie (I know I am biased where Darcy... oops, I mean Firth... is concerned... but he really did do a stirling job here!)

We finally put our heads on our pillows after midnight, with work in the morning... absolutely knackered after a weekend of party hosting and gallivanting... but so worth it.

Went to bed with a weary smile on my face :)

Birthday baking!

So as I haven't done anything for my birthday for a couple of years, and seeing as mum is here, this year I decided to have a little party! This meant lots of cooking, preparation and my favourite... baking!

Chinese foods


Healthy stuff!

Carrot giant cupcake cake

Sweet munchies!

My tour de force... my chocolate flower cake