Monday, 30 July 2007


is going well! Hobbling around a lot but at least I can put some weight on the naughty ankle! Lance bandaged it up well this morning, so it's well supported.

Saw a prospective mum and the interview went very well :)) 2 lovely kids, 2 year old boy and a 1 year old girl. Super, down-to-earth mum too! Just ironing out finer details now.

Going to make Lance a cheesey bacon pasta dish for tonight!

Sunday, 29 July 2007

It never rains, it pours!

Well today started off fine... we went for a lovely walk, wanting to do some exercise! So thought 'let's walk to Southfields, have a cup of coffee, get some wholewheat pronutro from the SA shop there, and come home'.

Well, that was was SUPPOSED to have happened!

Yours truly decides to TRIP, and I have badly sprained my right ankle. Lance dashed home for the car, and off we went to Queen Mary's A&E (Accident and Emergency).

The nurse there did an examination, but wasnt that helpful to be honest, she didnt tell us anything we didnt know. A sprain, keep off it for 72 hours, elevate it, keep cold ice on it.. etc.

The thing is, tomorrow I am seeing a potential parent with her two children, and I hope this goes okay! Not the best impression to make... a hobbling one!

I think I'll give my MBTs a rest for a while. They are curved and unsteady to stand in... and so when one goes over uneven paving (as I did), it's difficult to keep one's balance... and over you go! Literally.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Red Bull Air Race ~ London!

Today was fabulous!

We went to the air race over the Thames, in London. As my sister's boss works at Red Bull, she gets some pretty cool complimentary tickets... and gave us some :) They would've cost us £50 each otherwise! Eeek. Grandstand tickets.

We sat behind a Richard Branson lookalike... even took a photo of him! haha Felt like saying 'hey Richard, re those Virgin tickets to the USA we bought last week...?'

The weather was fine and then not, up and down. It didnt rain though which was great.

They were only doing the qualifying times today, but they were flying as if they were racing... was wonderful to watch! We took loads of photos, and a couple of videos, but you dont get the sense of SPEED they were going by looking at them! They were going over 400km an hour!

Great fun, and glad we could finally go.

Went to Longleat last year and they didnt get to fly due to terrible weather. Traffic was horrendous too... we were literaly on the road for 10 hours that day! I think this was a huge reason why they thought to bring it to London... Longleat and the winding lanes and farm fields for parking just cannot handle 100,000,000 people!

Red Bull Air Race - London, July 2007

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

New York!

Fab news!

We have booked our Virgin flights for New York (external and internal), as well as the hotel for overnight at Newark. We havent booked the hotel for our 5 days stay in New York yet, but know where we will stay. Just need to make the £££ first to pay for it... especially as New Year's Eve alone costs $424!

Cant wait to see the family in North Carolina, especially our new little nephew. Plus spend time with mum. I miss her so much. She is my mum and a friend.

What is exciting about this first trip to the States is that we will be seeing two VERY different sides of the States... where my brother lives is out in the sticks more, and then New York.. hustling, bustling city life!

Lots of planning to do. But a good start made today

Monday, 23 July 2007

Red Bull Air Race ~ London!


Some photos of the Redbull Air Race, held in London this month... and on the Thames, not at Longleat! Far better idea of course... Longleat, although a lovely farmy area... was horrific last year for traffic.







Saturday, 21 July 2007

Hubby's birthday!

It's my hubby's birthday today, the big 36!

We were going to visit Arundel Castle in West Sussex, but have had to cancel due to the adverse weather we are having, plus because I am really not well enough to travel.

He doesn't complain though, he is such an easy, unselfish husband. And I am so blessed!

Family have called and texted, and I made him a birthday cake... yes, even amidst my delirium yesterday! Not too sure how I did it as I was feeling so nauseus, but I did it. He seems happy and the cake seems edible :)

He got some Calvin Klein undies (what's a birthday without undies???), and some old war movies... like Dunkirk etc. He loves these.

Also, excitingly, I received my Ofsted Childminding Registration Certificate in the post today. I am so delighted! :)) A real answer to prayer to have received it so soon.

We also received 2 DVDs from Lance's folks re their recent holiday to Vic Falls. His father is with the camcorder what I am with the camera! :) On our travel list for sure. So much to see and do!

Going to sign off and see if the birthday boy needs anything. Another tickle no doubt ;)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Hello from a newly registered childminder!!!

Well, this came out of the blue... as I thought I'd have to wait till the dates in September rolled up for me to register...

I got a call from the inspector from Ofsted a few days ago, saying that she had brought my case before the regional Ofsted head, and the head had decided they would make an exception in my case, and grant me an early registration!

I am amazed!!!

And what was popped through the post box today??? My registration certificate! Woohoooooooooooo

Saturday, 7 July 2007


~ It's a significant date
~ The Tour de France prologue is today in London
~ It's the woman's tennis finals at Wimbledon!

but most especially

~ It's the 2nd anniversary of the London bombings.

Thoughts and prayers go to all that were affected in some way.
So glad the other 2 bombs were found and Glasgow didnt have casualties.
I hope this menace on society (terrorism) is stopped!

Friday, 6 July 2007

Spontaneity in love

We often write little notes for eachother... hubby especially. I'll walk to the bathroom mirror, and there'll be one there... then I'll walk to the fridge - one there attached to a magnet... and then I'll (of course, and he KNOWS this!) have to check out VT, and there'll be one sitting on the keyboard. Little love notes :)

I love it.

He came home with a card a couple days ago - I'm having a bit of a rough time and he knows this, and the card (with his little love essay inside) just made me cry... and laugh.. and then cry again.

He gets me flowers, and not always on Fridays... can be any day. I love his spontaneity! He also came home with Hitchcock's DVD collection the other day.. big surprise for me :)

I just got him something too (hiding next to the bed at the mo), which I wont describe in case he reads this.

It's the back tickles, the cups of tea, washing one's back with those special rough bath washes etc. that make the difference. We do this for eachother all the time - not every day, but it doesnt have to be a special day like a birthday etc.

Every day I am so grateful to have him at my side. We chatted again re this this morning too. I honestly dont know what I'd do without him, but somehow, we all cope.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

This evening, at the Flowers

I just have to laugh!!! I am so housewifey since I am at home more... and this is so typical...

So this is how it went.


Lance phones earlier on... his tooth filling has fallen out... oooh aah..

So wifey the secretary phones around (never been to dentist sice we moved so dont know local ones), to find a doc that isnt NHS (had a horrific scare once at one) but isnt too expensive... finds one... books an appt. First thing tomorrow morning.

Good wife.

Hubby comes home.
Oh dear.

His tooth is sore and his whole mouth is actually enflamed. His eyes are downcast, his shoulders slumped (he's playing the patient well..)

He asks me whats for dinner, I get it ready. He needs fruit juice. I pour it... with much love.

He eats up (good appetite for one with such a sore mouth I note)... then collapses back into the sofa.

Are there any treats he asks? No, I reply.

Oh no, he now has a tenson headache. Can I rub it please?

I rub it... then his eyes are sore. Jen massages his eyeballs (sounds lovely huh) and strokes his hair.

Did you wash my clothes earlier? Yes dear.

He's afraid of the dentist he says. I know, I soothingly say. But it'll be okay. Would you like me to come with you?
No, it's okay he says.

How will I get to work after the dentist? (shame, in his pain and delirium he has forgotten his route to work too..)

He is so shattered he needs to get to bed early, but needs help walking to the bedroom... Jen leads him there and tucks him into bed. Gently of course. Wouldnt want to distress his tooth.

Oh, please dont go he says, his hamstrings are now sore... he throws back the covers so I can massage his hamstrings. Did you know hamstrings actually go into one's back??? I learn something new every day...

Then his back needs a tickle.

Then, with a furrowed brow and a delicate (but tortured) sigh... he closes his eyes.
What a day.

Wifey kisses him goodnight and tiptoes out. Not forgetting to set his alarm clock.

Bless, he can sleep in a bit tomorrow as he's going to the dentist first at 9:00, not leaving at 6:30 for work.

What shall I make him for breakfast? Hmm... it had better be a SOFT egg.

Moral: Man-toothache is always more than mere toothache.

Kruger National Park Video!

Have you ever seen a pride of lionesses and a crocodile fighting between themselves for a baby buffalo?

Have you ever seen a herd of angry buffalo attack hungry lionesses?

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The call of the wild in the Kruger Park

Kruger National Park - Flower's Kruger

This world famous National Park in South Africa was founded in 1898 and is just under 2 million hectares in size in total. It is, to me, so much more than a piece of the planet where flora, fauna and animal are preserved and protected, it speaks of a childhood spent in avid attention of the detail and attention to life that this park offers. I have been here many a time and have never been disappointed.

Were I to choose any one dream job in the world, it would be to live in this park, studying it's life - both bush and animal alike, photographing, documenting, drawing and illustrating it. If I never saw a human being it wouldnt phase me (okay, my hubby would be with me), but to spend unprecedented time in this world in the wild, would be an honour.

Kruger National Park - Keeping a watchful eye on us...
Keeping a watchful eye on us...

Natural and wild

The Park is massive and boasts large herds of animals in varying shape and form, an example being when a herd of over 500 buffalo were seen crossing in front of us when we were on our way out of the park at sunset in 2002! Click on the buffalo pic to see what I mean by 'being watched' :)

For the wild animals who live in the park, each and every day is a struggle to survive, so every sense must remain on high alert, throughout the day, and the night, when most predators actually do their hunting! As the numbers of wild animals dwindle though, due to man encroaching on their terrain, plus due to hunting, so too are the opportunities to see them in their natural state and context dwindling. Parks like this are godsends.

Kruger National Park - Self-drive in a 4x4! :)

Come on in and experience it! Experience this vast park, choc-a-block with wildlife and outstanding scenery in the comfort of your car (self drive) or with a knowledgeable, registered and friendly guide. It's your choice.

Enjoy accommodation of all types (from basic to luxury), good food and the best wildlife experience ever - an all round must-see if you are travelling in South Africa, Madiba-land :)

My Kruger National Park Travel Page