Friday, 31 August 2007

Stranded in the pub!

A VT pal Diana organised a meeting at The White Cross pub in Richmond on the day the tide is the highest in a year! We have been together for this once before, when Joy (from Kaapstad!) visited too :)

There were quite a few VTers and the water came in... luckily we were up on the balcony so could watch below what happened as people realised the waters were lapping at their feet! haha

Kids were swimming in it (brrr)... and people had fun.

The kids settling in went well this week and one child officially started on Thursday. From Monday it is all systems go for all kids starting now!!! Judy and I are going out now to get another travel cot (I have reserved a Winnie the Pooh one), and going to see a movie too. Should be fun!

I freelanced one day this week too, was lovely to see the design team... they are such a lovely bunch of people!!! Atmosphere and ethos is SO different to Freeman's... so much healthier and more pleasant. I do love it there, and am so glad to have the opportunity to be working form home with kiddies four days a week, and then with the design team on one day :)

Last night (afer the afternoon meet), I babysat for a couple in Putney, she is a doctor, not sure what he does, but what a lovely couple! They are hoping to make this an ongoing arrangement. Wont be easy for me, working a long day (from 7am to 7pm), then off to them by 8pm to babysit, but will be good for the pocket.

Lance is at work poor thing. I'll be thinking of him as I munch on my popcorn ;)

Oh, it's officially the first day of spring in South Africa today!!! The blossoms must be lovely :)

Thursday, 23 August 2007


It was started by the church we used to attend in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, pastored by John Thomas.

They have done and continue to do a wonderful work for the community near them, which has a huge HIV Aids problem.

Have a look at this utube video! :)

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

What a pain in the ankle!

Went to the doc today... wasnt feeling very good at all. My ankle is markedly worse than it was a week ago. I think all the running around and dancing (yes, I danced a bit!) didit NO good!!!

I am busy with kids at home now, but whenever I can I am putting my ankle up, with cold ice (when the kids arent here of course)! Doc says I must just be patient and wait... it has only been 3 and a half weeks... I am only half way through the recovery process. Mmmm. I am not happy about that.

I realised today that I have not had one pain-free day this year. Not one.

My wrist and arm hurt from December (with tennis elbow being diagnosed in the first week). I still have a lot of pain with it and have physio for it. And then the ankle. What is really frustrtaing is that I am so eager to start exercising again but havent been able to with these two injuries. Grrrr...

Tomorrow I have children start 'easing in' at my home, with their mums away for a few hours... next week I officially start my childcare. Gulp. Very excited!

As is our way, always look to the positive and look forward... tomorrow is a new day

Precious time with family in Joburg & Cape Town

Family in Cape Town & Jo’burg - August 2007

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

1 wedding, 2 destinations, 4 airports, 6 flights and 7 days later...

Well, we are back from our whirlwind week away in SA!

1 wedding, 2 destinations, 4 airports, 6 flights and 7 days later...
we have returned home to Ole Blighty, sans sleep but so happy we saw our families once again. Living apart from them just doesn't get easier as time goes by...

It was a good week, manic but good to spend time with much-loved family, and even a couple of friends. The wedding went very well.. all Garth and Monique's hard work and planning paid off in the end we think!

It felt like Inkangala Paper days for me again, as I got involved with wedding wine labels, menus, order of services, table numbers, videoing and photographing!

I also found out - the DAY before the wedding! - that I had left the top half of my wedding outfit back home in London... so I had to find something new to wear PRONTO. Luckily I dont stress easily and soretd somehting out quickly at the mall.

It felt weird to be back in the same chapel where Lance and I got married 6 years ago.. very special. They had their reception at The Range too, whereas we had ours at the Hout Bay Manor. They had dancing, 3 course buffet meal and carrot cake.. of which we never got to eat unfortunately as we were too busy running around taking videos, photos, getting suits etc.

We got to see Shell and Taine, Carol and her new baby, Jaryd... and Jan and Graeme, and Sias and Mandy. This was great. We have such fond memories of all we used to get up to in this group. People have gone their own ways to a certain extent.. different churches specifically, even if still living in the same valley. We definately would've made a move away had we still lived in the valley too.

Here is the link:
The first album has some family pics (Cape Town and Jo'burg).
The second album is of Garth and Monique's wedding.
If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can do a slideshow with it if you like.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Racism stinks

It's sad to say, but racism is still alive and well within the hearts of some people. Fortunately I have had very little contact with people who have racist views, but some people we know have changed in the last couple of years and their new attitudes are rather worrying! How anyone can have such prejudice against another human being simply because of the colour of their skin, I don't know! Doesn't make any sense to me at all.

I put up with a few chirps, and then had to say what I felt... I think they know I wasn't happy with the racist chatter... and then turned it round saying they were only joking... Mmmm... out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks I believe, and it happens far too often and far too seriously to be taken as anything but serious.

I think a part of making things better is that everyone needs to realise that they have a certain responsibility towards their community and should therefore be actively involved in the community. Do volunteer work, sponsor volunteer work if you have money but no time, actively participate, neigbourhood watches, become a police reservist. I hear too many people that are bitching and moaning about the country but not doing their little bit. If we don't all work together, we will not be able to save the country! There should be a collective sense of ‘ownership’ regardless of colour, age or sex!

Yes, there is affirmative action and a certain amount of reverse racism in South Africa.. but that doesn't give one the right to tar the ENTIRE racial group with the same brush. Goodness knows what God thinks of us shallow human beings :(

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Wedding shoes

Today I had such a successful shop

Having rubbish shoes I decided to go and look for some for bil's upcoming wedding on the 18th. I went to trusty Clarks, and got two pairs!!! I was well chuffed. What made it a good day too was that it was the first day I have been out and about walking since I sprained my ankle. It's getting better, yay! Needs to be in tiptop shape for the wedding dancing!

A brown leather girly shoe with a heel and a thin strap across the front, with a nice antique button detail on the side. The other shoe I got is black leather, quite a funky pair, for everyday use.

Chatted to my brother again today and it seems as if our family reunion plans have gone up in smoke, because of other brother's leave situation. What they are doing makes sense for them, but we cant change our plans, so the reunion is not happening. Sad but understandable I guess.

Other than that, it was a productive day, and I must get into packing and making sure we have everything for both trips... as they are so close together. Somerset this weekend and South Africa on Tuesday. Yay!!!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

The hobblers

Today we went to church, fetching a lady on the way who'd had knee surgery... so we were kidding about that Lance was taking two hobblers to church

I had creche and it all went well, even with the silly ankle. I just had to be careful when carrying the babies, and sat in a chair rather than the floor.

The sun was shining really brightly, the temperature was 30 degrees celcius! The hottest day this summer apparently!

Sis is off to Switzerland this coming week... she is staying in Spiez, which is near Interlaken, where we stayed for my 30th birthday weekend. That was a holiday we will never forget. With ma, sis, brother, brother's wife, and us.

Just splendid

Have a wonderful time sis!!!

Organising VT meetings

I belong to - have done so since December 2004!

Prior to the big London 2006 meet I had only arranged one other meeting - 18 people came to that. So I thought that the Jan one would be those kinda numbers too... but 115 people signed up! I was gob smacked, and actually had to change venue three times as numbers rose as time drew nearer. I ended up having to hire out an entire restaurant in Central London (NOT an easy feat I assure you!) only when I gave them a HUGE £ deposit. 88.5 people came in the end.

Most people I have to say did cancel with me properly, only about 15 just didn't pitch on the main event on the Saturday night, which I thought was rather good. We had a wonderful time over those 3 days but NEVER AGAIN. I have arranged other things before (used to be in the wedding industry), and I actually do enjoy organising things, but arranging a meeting with people literally coming from all over the world was very stressful, replying to VT emails every day, catering for different food tastes, trying to please everyone (impossible), thinking of restaurants every day that weren't expensive (in London!???) - plus catered for a variety of tastes, giving hotel advice, travel advice, and the huge expense for one person on their own (putting £1000 in deposits down etc.). I would do it again if I were in a team of 2 or 3, but never again on my own.

Big meets are lovely if over a few days too... where people have the option to join in arranged excursions or do their own thing for a morning etc. Big meets can be a lot of fun (even if a blur at the end of it!).

Since then I have not advertised ONE meeting I have held haha. You live and learn!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

'sun, where art though?'

Yesterday there was loads of sun and today it has disappeared... *groan*...

'sun, where art though?'

Anyway, just had a good natter with Les on Skype... we have been having trouble hearing eachother so we just type to eachother. Both looking forward to me being in Joburg in 2 weeks... 2 weeks!!!!!

Lance is due home any minute, having gone to the dentist... something we both hate! Shame, poor lad. Hope his mouth isnt too bad x

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Answered prayer!


I have heard back from the two mums this week and they are keen for me to childmind their kids! Exciting stuff indeed... I have only been registered for 2 weeks and now I am practically full up already!

I am keeping Fridays open for freelance work, and then only have 1 space available on 2 days a week. This is really good news, we are thrilled. The kids are lovely, and the mums will be great to work alongside.

Childminding is a partnership with parents I feel, and I think things will go very well.

Today Judy and Debs (and the 4 kids!) came round for tea and we had some cake I baked yesterday, plus some more fruit muffins haha - I so love making them! The sun was out and we had a lovely time in the garden with them.

The kids start in September and October, so need more freelance work in the meanwhile, and the usual freelance work is very quieeet... hope to get some soon! (before our trip to SA).

Must celebrate with Lance tonight!