Saturday, 8 December 2012

Keane Concert - 30 Nov at 02.

Keane Concert - 30 Nov at 02.

Keane Concert - 30 Nov at 02.

Keane Concert - 30 Nov at 02.

Keane Concert - 30 Nov at 02.

Keane Concert - 30 Nov at 02.

Keane Concert - 30 Nov at 02.

Loving my new silver plated cutlery :)

Tried out the new diner at Southside... Nothing like the one we loved in San Francisco!

Out come the Christmas boots for Gauchos tonight!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A lovely blog by a lovely lass...

Well not only is this lovely lass talented she is also a believer! 
Have a look at her gorgeous creations on her blog :)

Thursday, 1 November 2012


What are some of the spontaneous things you have done? My most spontaneous of late would have to be something I did yesterday... putting an offer (to lease) a premises I have not actually seen... 

I couldn't get to the viewing before another viewing was taking place and it's a GREAT location and perfect for another branch of my business... so my agent snuck in before the others and took a video walking around the property... came over to my place (a few doors away!) and showed me the video. Going on that *viewing* I made an offer for the asking price. 


Then came the hard(est) part. Telling the husband (who is a Director in our Ltd Co)... 

To be fair I had tried to call him when the agent was here but he's always in some dodgy signal site in London... so I had to go with a gut (and head of course!) feeling. Hoping to see it tonight... crossing everything! Of course, not signed and sealed till contracts are signed anyhow.

You done anything stupid... I mean... spontaneous of late???

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

40 years later...

A reminisce.

My mum (age 17) was with her sister (age 16) and their boyfriends, driving in Cheltenham in the 1960s... not driving that fast apparently, but they went into a tree. 

Mum broke her collar bone, the lads were okay apart from a few bruises, her sister went right through the windscreen though.. no seat belt. 

She lost her sister that night.

Mum has two other sisters (younger), but she was closest to the sister who died. Named my sister after her.

She was not allowed to go to the funeral, and they moved to South Africa soon after. 

My mum had never seen her grave till my sister and I took her specially to find it, about 6 years ago. We hunted high and low at this huge cemetery, knowing where the 1960 years graves were... and we eventually found her grave. Unkempt, but the headstone was intact. 

My mum wept.

We tidied the grave headstone, left some flowers (potted plants which we planted), had some time there, then left. Was a very special moment, sharing that with her.

It was emotional. Very. I must take her out there again next time she's here.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Pilanesburg Game Reserve, north of Johannesburg

Pilanesburg Game Reserve, north of Johannesburg, originally uploaded by Mrs Flower.

We are going to South Africa in January for my birthday (first time I would have spent my birthday with my mum and brother for many years)... we are going to Johannesburg and Cape Town... where the respective families are. 

No time for a safari this time *sob* Our absolute favourite thing to do.... but time is of the essence, we have lots of business stuff to do while there. 

Pilansberg Game Reserve (in the photo) and Kruger National park are our favourite safari haunts.