Sunday, 23 January 2005

Living in my favourite city ~ London

London - Flower's London

We arrived in the 'Ole Smoke' on an autumny September morning in 2002, queueing in that not-so-lovely, long, South African passport queue, found our weary way to the underground and on to the place where we could rest our heads. This was my first time in London, and my first time abroad! A far cry from the little postcards I received when young, of red buses and black taxis.. this was reality! Hands on stuff. I was filled with a curious mix of trepidation, excitement, nervousness and elation! London did not disappoint.

What to see pray tell?

The Theatre
Museums and Galleries
The Parks
The Streets
The Architecture
The River
The melting pot of People

Then of course there is the typical city scenarios of traffic congestion, pollution and irritable commuters... but let's not go there ;)

Londoners have always been keen on going out to the theatre or concert hall: maybe it's something to do with the weather!? ;) Anyway, they pride themselves on the fact that they opened up proper theater to the masses in the 1700s.

I was interested to note that Kat (keida84 on VT), stated that London's Phantom of the Opera is better overall than Broadway's... For her (she is a lady who knows what she's talking about, having been in this production herself!) to say that, was quite something. I have seen that production 3 times alone... yeah... the theatre is very good here :)

Need I say more? Go by foot, boat, bus, tube or train (car not recommended in Central London), but go. I live and work in this city and, although it is tiring and sometimes I get so frustrated with living in a city, I am, as yet, not tired of it, as it is an incredible city.

A couple of sites that are very handy when visiting London:

Days Out Guide ~ they offer 2for1 specials on many London landmarks, tours and concerts (BIG money saver!)
Transport for London ~ important to check in case they have any transport problems, plus great for routing your route!
Gumtree ~ for all kinds of things... from short term accommodation to buying a second-hand bicycle :)
BBC ~ local and international news/weather etc.

London - St James Market, a Sir Christopher Wren church!
St James Market, a Sir Christopher Wren church!