Friday, 31 October 2008


Well, Halloween was a distaster in our area! We do not celebrate it ourselves, but usually have loads of lil kids banging on the door... of course we turn the lights out and pretend we aren't home hehe But this year there was only ONE group of kiddies... was it too cold I wonder??? Money too tight to make costumes??? Hmmm... I wonder...

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  1. I think Halloween is one the funniest holidays perhaps after the New Year. It's the holiday that is celebrated almost all over the world with such love and happiness.

  2. It is certainly an interesting holiday... there are two sides to Halloween... the fun of the pumpkins and trick or treating, and the darker side of it being a *holy* date for Satanists.

    I am not sure what is celebrated on Halloween... I know what's celebrated on other hoidays, like Easter, Christmas etc. but the celebrations for Halloween baffle me I have to admit! :)