Thursday, 30 October 2008


I have a date with Daniel Craig this weekend! Can't wait to see the new James Bond movie. Daniel Craig and Sean Connery are my favourite Bond actors.

Well, I guess it had to happen... hubby has given me his stinking cold! Thanks for the anni gift dear! It is so cold outside, there is no way I am venturing out now, especially with this cold. Eyes are watering, voice is crackly, throat is sore, lemsips are bountiful.

I called the 3 kids parents who I should be looking after today and let them make the choice of whether to bring their lil ones today. I look after their kids when they have colds, so it's not bad enough to have off sick... but I would prefer they make the choice to take the chance of having a child with a cold this weekend... (of course, I would not charge were they to say they would prefer keeping them home).

Of the three, two are still coming in, which is fine... and, dare I say, I am a tad relieved, as the third child is the most active and is a newbie and doesn't know the rules of my home yet.. and opens every cupboard, fiddles with everything etc. He has to learn, so I am not worried about him, but today as I am not feeling 100%, it has made things a tad easier for me, him not being here. And I don't have to go round to all the cupboards and put the child lock on ;)

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