Sunday, 5 October 2008

Policies - all 44 of them!

I have a variety of policies in place. They are fundamental to how I run my business, and fall within the five outcomes of Every Child Matters:Change for Children. My policies file is available for viewing by my parents/prospective parents at any time.

to be healthy
Allergies policy
Asthma policy
Exclusion policy
Hand washing policy
Head lice policy
Health and hygiene policy
Healthy eating policy
Medicines policy
Non smoking policy
Sickness and emergency policy
Sickness management policy
Sun smart policy

stay safe
Accidents, injuries, illnesses and emergencies policy
Alcohol and drugs policy
Biting policy
Bullying policy
Child safeguarding policy
Confidentiality policy
Equipment and resources policy
Fire safety policy
Garden policy
Handing over of child/ren responsibility policy
Safety policy
Security policy
Terrorist attack or national emergency policy
Transporting children policy
Visitors in my home policy
Pet policy

enjoy and achieve
Care, learning and play policy
Equal opportunities policy
Language policy
Television policy
Settling in policy
Special needs policy

positive contribution
Behaviour policy
Behaviour management policy
Working together policy
Newsletter communication policy

Admissions policy
Allegations of abuse against a childminder procedure
Complaints procedure policy
Departure policy
Late payment of fees policy

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