Thursday, 16 October 2008

A negative about working from home...

(a) Our job is viewed as 'personal' as well as professional, as it's from our homes, so they think these comments are okay... they would never dare dream of saying this to their boss/colleagues I am sure!

(b) Do they ever take into account some of us have partners... and maybe our partner earns a (decent!) wage too... ?

Our children's parents are our clients. We have a symbiotic relationship, which should be one of respect. It is not respectful to make comments like this to people who offer you services.

We got a big flat screen earlier this year... hubby has been after one for the last 6 years... and we had this tiny little dinky thing. We saw it was a super deal and got it. Parents naturally remarked on it (no 'are we paying you too much comments', just general comments) and I found myself saying 'hubby bought it as it was a great deal'.... which was true, but I needn't have said it.

I also got some clothes for my nephews and nieces overseas, as we don't see them very often, when we send parcels we tend to spoil them!!! I had these items on the dining room table and I noticed a parent looking at the label and the price.... I nearly remarked on it but didn't. I too am allowed to shop at Debenhams!!!

As we work in our home I think we feel more exposed. I know I do. Your home is a reflection of you.

But you know what??? If I get something new I will not hide it/feel I need to justify it.. because I work VERY hard, and have earned it.

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