Wednesday, 22 October 2008

OFSTED rewarding kids for good behaviour with days out?

I have just heard on my local radio station, OFSTED want to bring in a system into schools to reward badly behaved pupils, if they behave for a day or two. These rewards seem to be day trips out....

It's all upside down.

It's like the teenage single mothers being put at the top of the list for council homes... rewarding them for their actions! No wonder the pregnancy rate is sky high. NO incentive to actually work hard at school, get good grades and get a decent job. No work ethic! They then sit on their you-know-what's for the rest of their lives, breeding many more, and us hard working tax payers pay for their ciggies and roof.

I am tired of naughty children, naughty parents (who always blame the govt or teachers for their kids naughty behaviour!), naughty prisoners etc. being rewarded... it's the good citizens and kids that always lose out/are ignored.

I totally disagree with this OFSTED incentive.

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