Monday, 27 October 2008

My London travel page

My London page has loads of other London pages alongside it on VT, but my experience of my city is different to others. Different members focus on different aspects of a city, and each page is unique in their own way. And the same dinner sat with a VT pal, can have two varying outcomes (and tips) as to our personal experience.

My pages are for me first and foremost, I LOVE reading about places I went to years ago, chuckle at funny occurances etc.
When reading other members' travel pages, whether big or small, if a page interests me, it interests me. Due to time I probably will only read two sections of it in one sitting. You can get 100 useless tips and 10 fabulous ones on 2 different travel pages, but you can also get 100 fabulous tips and 10 useless ones on 2 different travel pages.

Read mine... what do you think? :)

My London Travel Page

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