Thursday, 6 November 2008

Last night

Boy, after a great time with the Early Years Advisor, I had an AWFUL time from 5pm on!

One of my parents said they would pick up lo's (sibs) an hour earlier than usual, as they were going to see fireworks. So I got them ready 10 mins before allotted time. The one child had looked a little peaky earlier, white face and a little clingy, just unlike her usual self. I took her temp, all fine. Then 2 mins after they were coated up and ready, she brought up all her tea!!!

I thought, well mum will be here in 2 mins so let me concentrate on changing lil one and not necessary to phone. Lil one bathed and changed (extra clothes were SUMMER clothes so I was going to dress her in some of her brother's clothes if need be..). No sign of mum. I phone her to ask how close she is when she is 15 mins late.. stuck in traffic FAR AWAY!!!

I really wish she's phoned to let me know this, as, aside from the fact the lo was ill, they were expecting her!!! And they get grizzly when she's late, she knows this!

The next HOUR was a nightmare of me having to carry the sick lo around (she wanted 'cuddles from Guggy' continually), whilst she was crying her heart out... that hard continual cry, you know? Asking for mummy all the time. Big brother decides he needs attention too and suddenly he has a sore tummy... and he starts irritating the 1 yr old in my care. She starts crying too, clinging to me, wanting me to carry her too.

So I have a 1 and 2 yr old, both crying on my lap, and a 3rd child asking to go on my lap too (trying to push the 1 yr old off!)... I have not been 100% myself, as I have a cold and no voice at the mo. So having to repeatedly ask him to behave himself was doing me no favours. My squeeky voice is getting squeekier by the minute!

1 year old goes home at proper time. Phew, only two left now.. lap can cope better now! Wondering all the time where the parents are...

Tried to distract with all kinds of things, even to the point of playing the Night Garden game on the compy, as I know they enjoy this at home (I have never played this with them till now). Works for all of 3 mins???

Then... finally.. only over an HOUR late... dad arrives (with a coat as I had told mum I had no winter clothes for sick child), he had been working from home (under 10 mins drive away!!!!!). Why couldn't he come earlier???? He knew about the outing and that she had been sick!?

And of course, the kids wanted mummy... not him... so renewed tears from 2 yr old and a tantrum from the 3 yr old!!!

I love those two.. but had never been happier to see the back of them I have to say!!! I was pooped. I have them for 11 hours and the final couple of hours just took it outta me. Sorry if this makes me sound horrible and thanks for letting me moan.

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