Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Childcare courses

I think it imperative as a carer of children that I stay up to date with the latest techniques (eg: CPR steps have changed since 2006), and gain knowledge about other important issues re caring for children.

I have completed the following 3 courses in 2008.

Advanced Paediatric First Aid
Intensive 2 day course covering many illnesses and accidents,
and how to treat them/what action to take
CPR and recovery position
Theory and practical exam

Fire Safety Awareness

Risk assessments
How to use a fire extinguisher
How to use a fire blanket
How to treat burns
How to handle an emergency
Theory and practical

Child Health Matters

Common accidents for 0-5s
Food hygiene (preparation and cooking)
Sun smart
Common childhood illnesses
Reducing the risk of cot death

In 2007 I did the following courses:

Childminding Preparation Course
Childminders Meeting the National Standards
Introduction to EYFS

I am booked to do a Child Safeguarding course and a Food Hygiene course soon!!!

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