Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Cold all round!

It's bally BRRRRRRR outside, and inside!!! Hubby has a cold. A man cold. Bless. He got this cold on the evening of our anniversary... so dinner et al were out of the question... hmmm. He went to bed early as he was so bunged up... all romance flew out of the window (and promptly froze no doubt as it's so bally cold!). Hoping he is OK by Friday's dinner. He is quite bunged up! Him retiring early to bed left me with no choice but to finish the chocolates! Welll they were for me anyway... and I could hardly leave them out in the cold now could I?

Then early this am I had an asthma attack. the worst I have ever had in England (in 6 years) :( Thankfully pumps and nebuliser were on hand. Hubby had taken some TCP and it triggered my asthma. Cleaning materials/perfumes/deodorants etc. do it. Hubby has to wear dove deodorant :blush: around me due to this!

So am a little shaky this am to be honest. Tight chest. And the cleaners come this am, so there'll be smells and dust flying around... oh well, gotta be done! Will lock myself (and the kids) in the playroom ;)

Outside it is very cold today (although not as cold as New York - that was the COLDEST I have ever experienced in my life!!!!)... it has even been snowing in some London areas last night and this am. I hope it snows here! We have only ever experienced snow in London at the end of December and in January... the coldest months here, so October is VERY early! But holding thumbs it snows here :) Will take the kids out then and take photos/video of them in the snow.

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