Sunday, 26 October 2008

Baby oh baby

We have been trying for 5 years to have a lil one and the last two years have medically done so much, to no avail. Having one together, short of a miracle, seems to be out of the question. Then it's donor/adoption route.

Have looked into adoption here for the past year but do not see it being an option for a couple of reasons, one being I have to be off work for 6 months - 1 year... plus we want a baby and they won't consider our application unless we state we are willing for older kids (7 and up). They have black babies avail but do not consider cross-race adoptions sadly. cut a long story short... if the donor option does not work, we then will head back to SA and adopt there in 2 years. Already chatted with social workers there months ago, need to be resident there first. We emigrated here 6 years ago and its a huge move to then go back and restart everything, but we will do it if it means we can adopt. Unless we won the lottery we just couldnt afford to adopt here.

We have done our homework and have looked at every option, and are basically ticking off the boxes these last couple of years... those boxes are getting fewer. I am a firm Christian though and know that God does perform miracles... so am still praying for 1... or 2... or 3 ;)


  1. It's so sad to me when someone really wants to adopt a baby but it may not happen. I know that the agencies (or whoever) are only looking out for the child's best interests, it still seems like there should be a happier medium.

    Good luck to you! (saw you on blogcatalog)

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Sara - what makes it difficult is also when different social workers tell you different (and contradictory!) things, it gets so confusing.

    I do wish there was standard procedure in England for adopting, and not the current way where each borough does things their own way.