Sunday, 16 November 2008

Buying *fat clothes*

As a well rounded, curvaceous woman, I used to always try and hide myself in *too big* clothes, shapeless tops etc. and I now buy from Simply Be and Evans... pay a bit (okay, a lot in some cases!) more but the cuts are more flattering and I actually feel quite fashionable again! (check out the ethnic style top in the photo). The only downside is that most of the shopping is done online, so you cannot try anything on... but it's worth it.

I hate shopping for clothes as most shops just wouldn't have my size, so it isn't much fun. Why even bother? When my sister would say 'let's go shopping'.. I was just not interested - still aren't to be honest - as she would be able to browse AND try on... me, I would just browse. It is disheartening... plus, even when I was much slimmer, I wasn't into shopping anyhow, so that hasn't changed.

It doesn't help that my hubby - bless him, loves me how I am no matter what - would think me sexy in a sack even... but I now try harder with clothes for ME. And I feel sexier and more confident.

Having said that, it is a breath of fresh air to know there are some blokes out there who love you for who you are, and aren't after 'the perfect model' for partners. Shows an inner depth and character, whether male or female I believe.
God has truly blessed me with my man.

Many overweight people are a lot healthier (exercise more and eat more healthily) than people who weigh less. Not always the case though, of course not... but in my experience, it has been so. It's a great shame (and a fallacy) that all large people are thought to be unhealthy!


  1. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Jen, you are so lucky to have someone like Lance who makes you feel good no matter what you wear. And he is VERY handsome ! He is the type of man I would have fallen for, when I was young :-)
    Karina Jeannette

  2. Karina Jeannette, thank you.

    I count my blessings to have the husband I do... and I too find him rather dashing!!!