Saturday, 15 November 2008

Doctor 'cures' HIV with bone marrow transplant...?

'A German doctor claims to have "cured" HIV in a patient by giving him a bone marrow transplant.'

Well if this is so, I hope they get to it and quick!!! 50% of all babies born in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa (and higher rates elsewhere in Africa!) are born HIV positive... basic education like not giving birth naturally etc. is not given to these women and would help so much in preventing the didease spreading. There is MUCH work being done in South Africa for HIV AIDS but it just never seems enough... Unfortunately they say that if this is a 'cure', it'll take decades to be made use of... as the disease does lie dormant for years in some patients.

We may have British ancestry, but we have been born and bred in Africa, and are Africans in mind, soul and spirit. Yes, you do get 'white' Africans ;) When Africa is in your blood it's tough not to yearn for her soil (especially as there are so many people in need)... and, whilst we are living on this little island of Britain, we will continue to be vocal advocates of the majesty that is South Africa, Africa's southern-most tip.

We are wanting to work with AIDS orphans when we return home to South Africa. So many children are orphaned not once, but twice. Two generations of people are being wiped out. They need our help. NOW. Just wish we could leave sooner. All in God's time.


  1. Hello. I actually heard this first on the news. I was surprised hearing for the very first time that somebody with HIV got cured. It is definitely a "light" at the end of the tunnel. At least it brings hope, and that is mostly what a lot of people have today.

  2. Yes, it is a light... something to grasp onto!

  3. I read this on CNN initially I think. It's amazing some of the things they find.

  4. Yes, it is! Science and medicine go hand in hand.