Monday, 24 November 2008

Anyone seen my 30 quid?

Were you walking down the lane by the park today? Did you happen to see the gorgeous lass with a bright red buggy at the cash machine? Did you see her having a blonde (she is a redhead!) moment and walking away from the machine, CASHLESS???

If so, you saw ME!

My next question to you then is... ''Did you take my money??''

Gosh, how ditzy (thick!!!) can one get? I'll tell you what swayed my attention away from what I was doing though.. I saw a friend of mine with her child a little way off.. yelled... ''Sian!'' and then hurriedly yanked my bank card out the machine (thank goodness I remembered to do this!), grabbed the baby (thank goodness I remembered to do THIS too!), and walked over to her, well, galloped really. I haven't seen her for a while and wanted a natter!

An expensive natter it turned out to be!

We chatted about this and that, upcoming Christmas parties etc...

''Jen, I am making fairycakes for the toddler group Christmas party on the 17th, what are you making?''

''Hmmm Sian, I hadn't given it much thought to be honest (small things like asthma attacks and hospitalisations being on my mind more!!!), but maybe I should make a healthy platter of carrot batons - julian style - with tomato and cucumber, with dips''

''Oh yes Jen, that is a good idea! And if the kids don't eat them (and we all know that most won't...), we can!''

So there it was. Christmas party goodies sorted.

I still hadn't realised I had £30 missing from my wallet!

I say my goodbyes and saunter into the fruit and veg shop. I did not have my two little helpers (2 and 3 year old mindees that LOVE helping me shop), so had to carry everything to the counter.

I wave hello to the lil one in the buggy. Big smiles.

I chat amicably with the fruit and veg lady ''Where is your hubby today?''

''Here I am!'' comes the gruff reply from behind the semi-closed door. ''Where are your helpers today?'

''With nana and grandad'' I reply. ''They'll be back tomorrow.''

All the while, fruit and veg lady is totting up my goodies. ''£22.80 please.''

I take out my wallet, calmly open the zip, wave to the lil one again, then look in the side pocket, then look in my handbag... maybe I put it there??? My movements are becoming a tad more frantic.

There is no money. I freeze. Where? How? Oh!!!!

''I think I left themoney in the cash machine, I will be back in 2 minutes!''

I run out the store, veer to the right and head straight for the cashpoint, eyeing out everyone with suspision.

I arrive at the cash machine. It is empty. No surprise there!

My first thought is ''What do I tell hubby? Last night I told him we had a phone bill for £127 for phoning my mum abroad last month... and now this... aaaaaahhh!!!''

I might as well just donate all my salary to charity... at least then something worthwhile is being done with it.. and it is being handled responsibly!

The walk back to the fruit and veg shop was slower. I am not a happy bunny. I take out my card (yes, the card), and pay with it.

''Do I tell my husband?'' I ask the fruit and veg lady.

''No, don't. I never tell mine about my parking fines''. She grins.

What is the first thing I do when I get home? I phone my husband...

Did I tell him?


  1. I'm guessing you told him - am I right? I'm so sorry! That had to be a terrible feeling! Was the little pepper that's pictured all you managed to get from the fruit and veg people?

  2. hehe yes you are right! We keep nothing secret from eachother, and if I hadn't told him I would have tossed and turned all night!

    I am just glad I never left my card in the machine, or the baby in the shop!!! ;)

  3. Anonymous12:03 pm

    are you a childminder in Putney and if so do you have any vacancies?

  4. I am close to Putney, by Wimbledon Common actually, and currently have no vacancies, sorry :(