Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Severe asthma attack!

I have just got back from hospital, having had a severe asthma attack, the worse in many years - 5 days in their nasty gowns and having a mask on your face, trying to breath, aint my idea of fun! Add to that 2 hallucinating women, one who enjoys taking her clothes off... and so NO sleep for the first 2 nights, only getting some sleep when they moved me to a quieter ward.

I am still not 100%, I had a severe attack on Friday which knocked me for six, a friend got me to the doc's, I then hitched a ride in an ambulance to A&E on Fri. I had a milder attack last week.. which should have sent off alarm bells!!!!

Am weak, achy, wheezy, but lungs are stronger. Had enough drugs to last me a bally lifetime! Arms are full of bruises.. I look like a junkie! My peak flows are still low, but hospital Doc let me come home on the provisio I continue with vigilant self care and REST. I will write about the ward antics in the next day or two, when stronger... it was like a Fawlty Towers ward!!!!

Debs, thanks for your neverending care girl, I love you loads. Hansi... thanks for not bringing your video camera into the ward... I didn't look very pretty with cannula, nebuliser, hospital gown et al ;)

It is amazing how texts and knowing people support you in trying times helps you get through them... thank you everyone xxx


  1. Anonymous6:47 am

    Jen you are most welcome..lots of love