Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Mistlefingers and Farmer Christmas...

As a woman who has tried to have a child of my own for many years, my mindees fill a special gap in my life that I cannot fully explain.

The kids literally fall through the (open!) door when they arrive and dive into my arms, do they never tire of me??? Their love is overwhelming... I love the tickles, the hugs, the knackered head on my shoulder, the little hand reaching for mine, watching them take their little starting steps and the pride when they have made their first poo in the potty at my place! Mums at my toddler group thought I was the kids' mum at first, till we got to chatting and they realised I wasn't... I do treat them as if they were my own, so easy mistake ;)

''What is mistlefingers used for?'' asks my inquisitive three year old...


''Farmer Christmas is going to bring you a Stanley train if you are good!''

hehe I got the hint! I chuckle so often over the funny little things they say when they start to talk, with mispronuniciation or not understanding the meaning... never a dull moment when you are dealing with adorable little sponges.

From a *high flying* and thankless corporate job, to being home as a childminder has meant the world to me. Wouldn't change it for anything... not for all the t in china.


  1. I am a mother myself and I understand how you felt. Keep going!

  2. This blog is just delightful! I do believe I am going to be a follower of your blog now. You say such fun words that I've never heard before.