Wednesday, 19 November 2008

''Spud and beans ma'am?''

I have to say I LOVE travelling, but the novelty and excitement of airports is long gone!!!

We always fly with Virgin for our longhaul flights and on our very first flight with them they ran out of food!!!! We were on a direct overnight flight from London to South Africa (11 hours!) and we could hear the steward telling those in front of us ''sorry ma'am, we only have 2 of the 3 choices left now...'' and didn't think much of it tbh.

But, when they got to us they said ''we have run out of food, we are so sorry! But we can offer you a spud with beans, the steward food. Plus you can have free food from the snack counter all night (twas a night flight)''. (!!!)

We were NOT happy! I was dieting (no carbs!!!) and beans on a flight are a big no no for me haha. And I didn't want crisps and chocolate and *crap* to eat for 11 hours! So we were starving by the time we reached Joburg.

We were not charmed and thankfully every flight since with Virgin has been a good one. But seriously Richard (Branson), you do need to ensure your fridge is stocked properly dear lad!!!


  1. I don't care if I ever fly again, lol,
    did so much of it for a time, at first it was so fun, and the airports and such, but then it wore off and all I saw was the mountain of negativity
    thanks for sharing

  2. I agree with you 100%! Wouldn't mind my own private jet tho (no long queues, rubbish food, squashing, waiting for the loo et al) ;)

  3. oh, wow, I'd love to have my own private jet,
    that'd be awesome
    I decided to subscribe to your blog in google reader

  4. I've been on flights where they ran out of one type of meal, but never on one where they ran out of food all together! you'd think they'd be able to figure out how to have one meal for everyone on the plane!

  5. Thanks Shea! Altho have bene having a rough time of late with hspital visits etc. so my blog must sound rather morbid! ;) I have a keen sense of humour though and have so much to be grateful for in my life - and always try andbalance out the good and the bad. This is a very personal blog.

  6. Sara... yes... basic mathematics obviously not a pre-requisite for them... ;)