Saturday, 15 November 2008

A fresh g'morn to you!

It's early morning here in London... Wimbledon Common across the road is in thick mist and complete blackness, there is the odd car going past with late-night partiers... we are off the street though, so hardly hear anything which is good. I have been reading other people's blogs and am delighted to have found some really interesting and thoughtful ones.

I will write about my rather interesting 5 day hospital stay (7th-11th Nov 08) in the next day or two, when I feel a tad stronger. Being in the first ward was like being on a Fawlty Towers set half the time... with a certain cantancerous patient not wanting to wear her gown (not a pretty sight when the subject - bless her - is 79 in the shade...), a bulemic refusing to eat anything but chocolates and junk food and then only to 'rid' herself of it ugh, an old dear looking for her 'lost earring' in the middle of the night (whilst she is asleep...), a 101 year old (celebrated whilst I was there!) having hallucinations of missing children and shouting out all through the night... and this was just an ordinary medical ward... !!!

So it's off to bed for me now... my pillow calls. Chat soon x


  1. Hope your feeling better!

  2. Thanks Sara - I am feeling loads better... back to work tomorrow! But will take it easy (as easy as one can with 4 under 4s!haha), as lungs still not at their full capacity. No long distance marathons etc... ;)

  3. I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading bits and pieces of your blog! I found you through when I was searching randomly...

    Anyway thought I would just share with you my hospital experience! On the first ward there was a prisoner who was put in the bed next to the window... although he was handcuffed to the bed! The warders would stay up all night talking and laughing... not ideal when sick people would like to go to sleep at 3am!!

    There was also an old lady who kept wondering about and knocking things over then falling over herself, she got in a rage when the nurses tried to escort her back to bed and actually bit one of them!

    and Yep, mine was an ordinary ward as well ;)

  4. haha Emily - oh dear!!!! How annoying! Thanks for your post... made me chuckle... altho not a funny thing to go through!

    Yes... it seems some patients do not keep to any sleep schedule... I was SO tired when I left hospital. I needed to sleep... badly.