Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Some refreshing Goodwill

'A charity shop in the US has returned £5,000 to a man who mistakenly donated the money with a pair of old shoes'

The story goes on to say how a new assistant found the money in the shoebox the shoes came with, turned it into Goodwill Charity management... they then had to track the owner down! Which they did! What a breath of fresh air to see that there ARE honest people in the world.. would you have turned the money in? ;)

Photo from article below



  1. I can't believe that they turned the money in. Good for them!

  2. Yes, it tickled me so to read they had and went to such pains to return the $$$$ to it's rightful owner!

    Unfortunately I don't think many people would have been honest about it...

  3. I can't believe it either. Maybe there is hope for us

  4. It's certainly a pleasant change to see a positive (hopeful!) story being reported! :)