Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Losing 4 kids in 2 weeks...!!!

The 4 mindees are 2 sets of siblings - one is going to school which is far away and I cannot do school run, so they have to get a nanny for him and little sister. The other 2 are moving far away (about an hour from London)!

These kids were my originals so it's going to be tough to say goodbye!

After the initial shock of getting the notice so soon after eachother, I phoned those on my waiting list - and I have already filled the vacancies verbally... just have to get it in writing! The other 2 mindees I have have been wanting to increase their days with me too, which has helped.

Gosh, it never rains, it pours!!! Shows how insecure we actually are when self employed, doesn't it? My income would have gone down to a quarter of what it currently is, overnight!

I just hope these other people sign asap. The one couple are coming on Thursday again - I met the mum, but will now meet dad... and the other couple have been on my waiting list since July last year... and will find out soon what 3 days they actually need.

It's a waiting game...


  1. Prayers for the perfect children to fit the loving enviroment you have for them. Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. Thank you so much Andrea!!! This is a ministry, so much more than a mere job... and I thank God for the blessings of it.