Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Is my last name Rockerfella???

What can I do?

Our tenants in Johannesburg are supposed to pay their rent in latest the 5th of every month.

Last month = NO RENT!!!!
This month they paid on the 12th!!!!

Is my last name Rockerfella???

We have tried to manage the property from afar for the last 2.5 years but are thinking we just have to get an agent in to manage it for us. It's such a hassle when the plumber is needed.. rates and taxes law changes etc.

Their lease ends on 31st July 2009. And it WILL END. No matter how many emails we get re how 'happy they are there'. He says he had a medical emergency. I don't quite believe him. Plus there are two of them there, so why wasn't half the rent paid at least? And why is it always late? Do people not consider the roof over their head?

I wish the property market wasn't so bad currently, because I just feel like selling it.

And to top it all off I have (yet another!) bronchial chest infection. My lungs are still suffering from the attack in November 2008 - they are working at half capacity now, not a quarter as they were then (small steps)... when will they mend?


  1. I totally understand. My husband and I recieve the same excuses. We finally sold one property and when the other one becomes vacant we have agreed whatever the fee the realtor charges..it will be worth it for them to chase down our money.
    Sending prayers for your bronchial infection. My allergies and asthma have been bad lately.

    blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. I also cannot understand that theory.Same at my kids' creche.I mean you put the kids in creche so you work.For that salary at least pay the people who are looking after your kids.And housing is just as important.Dont be surprised to find out they went out eating and had all the luxuries as well.Really irritates me how some people prioritise.I think u shud go with an agency.Somehow all the forms they fill in makes them believe it is more necessary to pay.And if they dont then the locks get changed.Really you dont need this hassle.I think their fee is bout R300 on a R5000 rental so its worth it.Good luck!!!

  3. Andrea, it's all sorted now thankfully! After a *ahem* strong letter they paid up quickly. Their lease was up for renewal and they LOVE living there so we have put (electronic banking) measures in place so this doesnt happen again ;)

  4. Thanks Yvette... we have told them if they default again we will involve an agency at their cost... I do hope (holding everything holdable - is that a word??) they will be okay now... they haven't been bad tenants overall. We are giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  5. And the prime rate is now only 11% so if they were paying off a car they have more disposable income.And in case you didnt know it is now practically impossible to buy your own home in sa anymore coz the banks are now insisting on 20% deposit so you providing a rental home is really a big favor.Hope all going ok.Thanks for stalking my true crime blog!