Monday, 11 May 2009

Where's the bally postman?

Oh ring the buzzer why don't you?

We applied for Indefinite Leave to Remain about 8 weeks ago, and know it can take up to 14 weeks to get your documents and passport back... with the much needed permanent residency inside!

My sister, hubby and I sent in our applications together as we (obviously) use the same ancestral original documents.

She received hers on Friday. Woohoo!!! She excitedly phoned us straight away.

We immediately sat and waited for ours... yes, she lives about 7 minutes from us by road... but maybe, just maybe, we have the same postal sorting office?

Half an hour later there was a knock at the door.
There stood the postman.

No passports!!! No passports??? No passports!!!

So we have different sorting offices - we guessed as much. Sigh.
Ah well, should come soon hey?

So here I sit today. Biting my nails. Looking out the window at the street every 10 minutes. Staying inside and out of the gorgeous sunshine... just in case he comes a knocking! Biding my time...

Postman... where art thou???


  1. Wow! Great that your sisters ILR has arrived, and let's hope yours isn't far behind. Nine weeks now since we sent ours... waiting, waiting.

  2. Yes we are so glad for her! But so wish ours would come now too - waiting still!!!! He came yesterday but no joy... nothing to sign for... and I am (fingers crossed) hoping he comes today!!!

    We can then (finally) start planning our proposed US trip!!!