Thursday, 7 May 2009

What does it mean to be 'a professional'?

Why are childcare workers not deemed professionals so often? Do you have to wear a suit to be a professional? Talk a certain lingo? Follow a certain brand?

I am currently doing a diploma in childcare. I have 6 years nursery experience in Johanesburg, and have done LOADS of training courses in London to ensure my service is professional and well informed, and that the kids I mind are looked after very well.

I put my heart and soul into my job.
A job I love.

I worked in the publishing industry for many years (was a Senior Graphic Designer in London and had my own design company in Cape Town) and I can tell you that many childminders and the Early Years team I deal with are FAR more professional in their work than the people I worked with in the corporate world.

To be a good professional takes head AND heart. No matter what industry you are in.


  1. I babysat my friend's baby this morning and all I can say is that it takes a very special person to deal with kids every day and love it.I was so frazzled and he could sense it.They are so clecer those little people.

  2. haha yes! Kids (as well as animals!) can sense if you are not wuite sure and will play up on it in a big way sometimes.

    It does take loads of patience.. but I absolutely love it - and even though, at the end of the day, when I've had them for 11-12 hours straight... I am KNACKERED... itis a GOOD KNACKERED!!! :)